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Covington Family

including earlier references in Essex Co. VA

12 Nov 1736 Thomas Covington Appointed Surveyor in Room of Lewis Tanner [Amelia Co. VA Road Orders 1735-1753 by Pawlett & Miller]

14 Oct 1737 Thomas Covington apointed Surveyor of the High Waies from Tannders to Craddocks & it is Ordered that he with the Gang under him clear & keep the same in repair [Amelia Co. VA Road Orders 1735-1753 by Pawlett & Miller]

20 May 1738 deed recorded: Thomas Covington & Mary his wife to Thomas Crowder [Amelia Co. VA Court Order Book]

15 Jan 1741 Thomas Covington with the hands under him to Clear the road from Wards quarter to the foot of the hills the other side fflatt Creek and Cradocks Bridg. Ordered that Jacob Magehee with the people under him clear down Boush river road to where Covington stops.[Amelia Co. VA Road Orders 1735-1753 by Pawlett & Miller]

6 Aug 1741 Chancery suit: Edward Thweat & Katy his wife vs. William Covington & Mary his wife [noted in Amelia Co. Court Order Book]

21 Jan 1742 Joseph Mutloe [Mutlee?] appointed surveyor of a Road to be Clear'd from the Fork road to Boush river road near Cheathams and the Persons to do it are Hugh Leyton, James dix, Sam Jones quart'r, Wm. Cradock, Edward Covington & said Mutloes [ Mutlees?] [Amelia Co. VA Road Orders 1735-1753 by Pawlett & Miller]

21 May 1742 Robert Downing and wife Mary to William Covington of Essex Co. VA for and in consideration of the sum of 30 pounds do grant bargain & sell to William 298 acres in the Main Fork of Woody Creek and Deep Creek bounded by the line of George Bagleys, Alexander Grays and William Stanleys lines and bounded in part by Thweats and Bagleys on the beaver ponds of the upper fork. signed Robert (X) Downing & Catherine (X) Downing (who released her dower right)

16 Dec 1743 Lewis Vaughan appointed Surveyor from West Creek into Bush river road in room of William Mayes the persons under him are Robert Vaughan Jeremiah Childry Will Baldwin jr. Edmund Covington William Mayes and John Ellis, all their male tithables [Amelia Co. VA Road Orders 1735-1753 by Pawlett & Miller]

15 Jun 1744 Edward Thweat is Appointed Surveyor of the Road to be cleared beginning near James Andersons and so into Butterwood Road at or near Leith Creek. William Covington, James Hudson & his two sons William Stanley Bellington Williams Alexander Gray & William Hulm are ordered to clear the same and be excused from Working on other roads. [Amelia Co. VA Road Orders 1735-1753 by Pawlett & Miller]

20 Jul 1744 James Anderson, William Covington, James Oliver & Thomas Taylor or any three to appraise estate of George Cabanis dec'd [Amelia Co. VA Court Order Book]

17 Aug 1744 Will of Samuel Sherwin presented by William Watson executor - proven by the oaths of Joell Tanner, John Noble (wits) - ordered that James Anderson, James Hall, Joseph Gray and William Covington, or any three appraise the estate and make return to court. [Amelia Co. VA Court Order Book]

21 Feb 1745 Petition of Nicholas Hudson vs. Edmund Covington dismissed [Amelia Co. VA Court Order Book]

21 Feb 1745 Action of William Green vs. Abraham Burton for 20 pounds damages by means of deft. speaking and publishing false and scandalous words. William Covington was one of the jurors [Amelia Co. VA Court Order Book]

18 May 1745 - continuinces: James Thompson vs. Martha Lovell, Admx. of John Lovell. Samuel Cobb vs. William Covington, Stephen Collings vs. John Hays [Amelia Co. VA Court Order Book]

19 Jul 1745 Samuel Cobbs vs. William Covington - dismissed [Amelia Co. VA Court Order Book]

16 Dec 1748 Thornton Smith is appointed Surveyor of the Road in the Room of Thomas Covington who is discharged from that Office which said Road is from Cheathams to the foot of the Hill Over Flatt Creek and that William Foster James Mitchell Smiths William Wilkinson & Thomas Covington with their Male Labouring Tithables Assist the Said Surveyor [Amelia Co. VA Road Orders 1735-1753 by Pawlett & Miller]

12 Mar 1753 Deed: Richard Jones to Edmund Covington [Amelia Co. VA Court Order Book]

27 Sep 1765 Will of Anne Brewer left in Amelia Co. -written 27 Sep 1765 - probated 22 Aug 1771 - Wits: William Hardy, Mary Covington, Covington Hardy. executrix was her daughter Dyce Bagle, friend of Covington Hardy. Anne left "negro boy Benn, age 15 to Mary Bagley, dau. of James Bagley and 30 pounds to her sister Rosamund. Nancy Bagley to get "negro man Tombo" after the death of daughter Dyce Bagley.

Who's Who:

Covington, Hardy - wife was Catherine Beauford m. 30 May 1767 in Amelia Co.

Cox, Matthew - wife was Mary Bagley 21 Nov 1764 in Ameila Co.

Craddock, David - wife was Elizabeth Bagley m. 4 Feb 1780 Amelia Co.

Jennings, DIckerson - wife was Frances Bagley m. 24 Mar 1768 in Amelia Co.

Ligon, Richard - wife was Mary Bagley - m. 28 Mar 1765 in Amelia Co.

Seay, Jacob - wife was Mary Bagley 9 Aug 1784 in Amelia Co.

Tucker, Thomas - wife was Mary Coleman 23 Jan 1793 in Amelia Co.

misc Tax List notes: 1750 tax list of Amelia Co. VA [the labeling is cryptic but I think this is part of the list taken by Charles Irby - Lower end of Holloway Parish/Nottoway Parish 10 Jun 1750

the following appear together:

John Taylor - slaves Dick, Kitt, Roger & Judah [5] [he is next to Wm. Covington on an unalphabetized list]

William Covington - slaves George & Moll [3]

Robert Kannons, Lewis [presumably 2 though it doesn't say]

William Covington, Frank, Sam, Seacor, John & Moll [6]

also further down the same list [not necessarily clumped together]:

George Bagley, Will'm Anderson, John Brian, Hannah [4]

Thomas Taylor, Thomas Taylor Jr., Ned, Robin, Sarah & Patt [6]

Edward Taylor [1]

Edmund Covington, Bess [2]

John Hardy, William Hardy, Thomas Hardy, Sarah [4]

Household of 8: Mrs. Elizabeth Munford, Lewis, John Grant, Guy, Kigenbo (?), Pris Adam, Punch, Jack, Hannah [it says 8 but I count 9 so either they wrote it wrong or I am reading names incorrectly]

1750 Tax list Amelia Co. VA taken by Wood Jones "tithes taken below Deep Creek" Raleigh Parish

George Tucker, Robert Tucker, Mingo & Dilse [4]

John Tucker, Joseph Tucker, Isom [3]

Daniel Tucker, Joe [2]

Robert Coleman [1]

Daniel Coleman Sr., Daniel Coleman Jr., Cil [3]

Robert Tucker, William Tucker, Dick [3]

John Perdue Sr., John Perdue Jr., Wm. Perdue, Joseph Perdue [4]

Walter Chiles, Robin, Harry, Peter, Jack, Hampton, Moll, ___, Moll, Ginne, Cate & John Tucker [12]