Castle's Woods


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From Source:Hamilton, 1973

Little is known of Morgan and his settlers who came into the beautiful Clinch River Valley, other than that each was to take up 400 acres of land for settlement. We do not know the names of any of the original settlers for sure, other than John Morgan and John Smith, not even the number in the settlement party, or from whence they came. Somewhere in this vicinity also lived the legendary Jacob Cassell, for whom Cassell's Woods was named, shrouded in the mists of the past, about whom all sorts of legendary tales are told. Despite the fact that he was an ordinary person, but who probably preceded even Morgan's settlement the place bears his name after more than two centuries have blown over his dim footprint.

In connection with the Lynch-Fraley-Hamlin-Bush Mill, this item by Captain Daniel Smith

"On my return from the Cumberland, I came through Cassell's Woods, just after the Indians had been at the Fort at Hamlin's Mill." Hamilton identifies this event as the one where Bus's daughter was CBI'd. The fort may be Cowan's Fort, which is nearby, but not on the mill property. ___________________________________________________________