Borden's Grant Settlers



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This is a preliminary listing of persons believed to be among the original settlers of Borden's Grant. No contemporary list of these settlers seems to have survived, and we are forced to build the list more or less from scratch based on early court records. HIldebrand's 1960 map shows the land ownership of persons whom had obtained land from Benjamin Borden Sr., prior to the latter's death in 1743.

Waddell's List

From Source:Waddell, 1886:397

Ephraim McDowell
Peggy Millhollen
James Bell
William McCausland,
William Sawyers,
Robert Campbell,
Samuel Woods,
John Mathews
Sampson Mathews
George Mathews
Richard Woods,
John Hays
Charles Hays
Samuel Walker.

Hildebrand's Map (1964)

The following lists the settlers shown on Hildebrands Map of Borden's Grant. These settlers all obtained land from Benjamin Borden Sr, prior to his death in 1753. Settlers are primarily grouped by major watersheds. Where it makes sense, some settlers are grouped with settlers in an adjacent watershed [1]Note that some settlers owned land in multiple watersheds. In some cases different settlers shared the same name, and appeared in the same or different watersheds.

Walkers and Hays Creek
James Buchanan
John Buchanan
Widow Smiley
John Wallace
Robert Regan
Archibald Reagh
William Reagh
John Wallace
James Harris
James Coulter
John Robinson
John Wilson
William Robinson
John Stewart
James Robinson
Mathew Robinson
William Wardlaw
Walter McChesney
Robert Stewart
John Wilson
Robert Culton
JOhn Walker
Robert McElrath
Joseph Culton
Alexander Walker
James Robinson
John Walker Jr
Robert Culton
James Walker
Andrew Hays
John Walker
John Hays
James Moore
Charles Hays
William Guinn
Robert Telford
James Hamilton
John Dunlap
Samuel Dunlap
North River
Archibald Buchanan
William Porter
John McCown
Moffets and Upper Hays
Samuel McCutcheon
James Lusk
John Shields Jr
John Shields
James Martin
Charles Berry
Samuel Nesbit
Andrew Kinnier
David Hays
Elizabeth Hunter
William Berry
John Patterson
David Kerr
Francis Beatty
Alexander McNutt
John Logan
James Trimble
William Adams
John Fulton
Thomas Beard
John Logan
John Hanley
Joseph Kennedy
Samuel Hazard
John Montgomery
Robert Lusk
John Lusk
William Wardlaw
David Wallace
Robert Gay
John Patterson
George Henderson
Charles Dohany
James Wardlaw
Francis McCune
Joseph Kennedy
James Cooper
James eaton
John Lowry
John Dunlap
Robert Lowry
Robert Sproul
James Henry
Andrew Steele
John Sproul
William Wilson
James Wilson
Robert Edmiston
Upper South River
North East Section
James Houston
Robert Weir
Patrick Hays
William Pollock
Thomas Hill
Samuel Dunlap
Richard Cousart
William Porter
William Canless
William Loughridge (Loughbridge)
John Moore
George Henderson
Andrew Moore
Alexander Moore
David Moore
John Weir
Joseph Weir
William Cowden
Mathew Edmiston
Lower South and Lower North River
Upper North