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Smelser in California [22 July 2012]

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MY mother was Elizabeth Fay Smeltser.Adopted by Altabelle and Walter. HANSON.Born April 23 1935-died January 18,2010. She was 77.She is sorely missed.I only got to see my Aunt Ileta a few times growing up.She was a beautiful artist,as was my mother.My mother did oil paintings,watercolors,paztelsetc..O can't tell you how my mother longed to know more of her family,and how much pain the discovery of her adoption caused her in hdtw life..She was a very sweet lady,afll whpet her just loved her She ghastly 5 children. WESLEY CULBRETH born Jan 9,1953 he is now 59??? Terry Ann Culbreth born Jan 29 1954 she is 57...Jeffery William Culbreth born August 19 1957 he passed away of cancer Sept.23 2010..Diane Marie Jacoby born November 15,1960..I am 51..Eric James klitzke born August 14,1972, he is 40.My mother said Ileta spoke a lot of Smrlsers.THEY had a mnontaim pass named after them here in NV..Smelser Pass..My mother mbarried 3times..She had such love and devotion for her real siblings..and was especially fond of Ileta..There OS great debate and questions however as Ileta confided some secrecies to my mother..Iletaf is really mu mothersh mother..Ileta had an illicit affair witty the late Senator Alan Bible of Lovelock NV.He was marred and going to law school,and went to great lengths to cover up the birth of my mother.My pictures of my mothering were destroyed in a fire a year ago..but when you look at her and.Alan Bible you can see such an um Anny resemblence..Even in me..IVE wanted for so long to let people know,as Ileta sworn my mother to secrecy..Beverly,last I've known is living in Rancho Cucamonga CA.I've met her.She is a sweet,and humourpus lady..Ive lost contact with her.I took my mothers death the hardest.In fact I have her ashes..My mother had a hard life.She was hurt emotionally by her adopted parents,as they completely disowned.her when she found out that she was.adopted and wmted to find her real family.As a result they turned her oldest daughter against her and it caused mama great pain.I miss my mom very much..I hope this helps you. You can contact me via E-mail and perhaps we.can solve some of this mystery..I love the history of Smelsers..