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In the Annals of Platte County, Missouri Jacob SMELSER is listed as born 24 December 1806 in Overton County, Tennessee. It also states: "He was a son of John SMELSER, of Green County, Tenn, and a grandson of Jacob SMELSER, who came from Germany. His mother was Catherine Higgins, daughter of Philemon..."

John was born c 1780 and believed to have died in Pulaski County, Missouri.

In 1802 John and David SMELSER appear on the tax list in Jackson County, Tennessee. Overton and Fentress Counties at that time period were part of Jackson County. Early tax records for the following counties:

  • Greene County in 1783, 1787/1788, 1804, 1805 & 1812
  • Jefferson in 1800 & 1822
  • Cocke County - Created from Jefferson County in 1797, courthouse burned in 1876
    Only Deed Book #17 survived due to lawyer taking it home for a case
  • Knox County in 1799
  • Jackson County in 1802
    Jacob (father and/or son) could have been missed as long as they were not in Jackson County in 1802, but moved from a county before the next tax was taken or records did not survive.

March 1806 John SEVIER sold land to Benjamin HINSHAW in Overton County, including improvements made by David Smelser.

This message has a Jacob SMELSER living in Overton County, Tennessee in 1816.

On 13 February 1820 Jacob SMELSER, Senior sold land to John SMELSER, both of Overton County, Tennessee.

In this database Agnes YOCUM is listed as marrying Jacob SMELCHER May 1788 in Greene County, Tennessee. She is the daughter of Michael Y and Anne (BOYLES) YOCUM, born about 1764.

Paul HENKEL, Lutheran Missionary went to North Carolina and Southwest Virginia to preach to the people from September to the first week of December in 1787. While in Southwest Virginia he stated a German, Elias WACKER, came 30 miles to ask him to come to baptize his children and preach to his neighbors. Paul further stated Elias WACKER lived at Cherokee Creek (Washington County, Tennessee). In a Washington County, Tennessee history book, Elias WALKER is listed living at Cherokee Creek.

Credit to researcher David Smeltzer
George Jacob SCHMELZER married Anna Margaretha WACKER 22 June 1756 in Canadochly Union Church, Windsor, York County, Pennsylvania. To Jacob Schmelzer and Anna Margareta (born Wacker) baptized at Canadochly Union Church

  1. Infant of Jacob born 3 Sep 1758 Baptized 11 Sep 1758 Sponsor: Anna Margareta Schmidt the then unmarried daughter of Henrich Schmidt, living "on the Creuz Grick"
  2. Maria Elisabeth born 8 Jan 1761 baptized 29 Mar 1761 Sponsors: Johannes Kumfort living "on the Creuz Grick" and wife Maria Elisabeth
  3. Johann Jacob born 30 May 1763 Baptized 5 Jun 1763 Sponsors: David Wacker, the then unmarried son of Ulrich Wacker, and Maria Elisabeth Penner, yet single middle daughter of Veit Penner, resident here

Two 1760s born Jacob SMELSERs were old enough to sign the "Lost State of Franklin" Petition in December 1787, along with Jacob SMELSER, whom I've dated below as 1733 born.
However, about 1761 Germany born Jacob SMELSER, who moved to KY, may not have lived in the state yet.


Jacob Smelser

1733 estimated birth in Germany

Kegley Map

Credit to researcher David Smeltzer
Botetourt County, Virginia
(Reed Creek in Wythe County, Virginia was part of Botetourt County during this time period)
In 1771 Richard HIGGINS and Arthur CAMPBELL were selected to oversee a road from six mile ford on Holston to Stainakers (Stalnakers) (see #53 Kegleys map) Among the neighbors of the HIGGINS were William INGLES, the brothers Francis, James and John DELANEY, Jacob SMELSER, James SKAGGS Sr. and William and Martin PREWITT (PRUITT)

Court Minutes

Montgomery County, Virginia

Thank you David Smeltzer for the lead to this information

  • Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800
    by Lewis Preston Summers
    Abingdon, Va.: L.P. Summers, 1929, 1799 pgs
    Pages 686-687
    At A Court held for Montgomery County on Tuesday the 3d. of March 1778
    Daniel Mullen being brought before this Court on Suspicion of Feloniously Stealing a hog supposed to be the Property of Jacob Smelser, Whereupon Samuel Newberry was Sworn and Examined as a Witness against him and the sd. Mullen heard in his own Defence in Consideration of which and of the Circumstances related thereto, the Court were of opinion that he is guilty of sd. Charge, and that he receive Twenty Five lashes on his bare back well laid on or pay the sum of Ten pounds, and Further to give Security for his good behaviour for Twelve Months and a day, himself in the sum of one hundred pounds and Two Seers, in the sum of Fifty each.

Greene County, Tennessee

  • Tuesday 19 August 1783
    Ordered that Joseph Hardin, Jun be and he is hereby appointed entry taker for said county and enters into bond with Joseph Hardin, Jacob Smelcher, John Patterson, David Coplin, James McFoarin (?), and Adam Kuykendol Securities in the sum of ten thousand pounds for the faithful discharge of his duties in office.
  • Wednesday 20 August 1783
    Ordered that Jacob Smelcher's Ear Mark be admitted to record, to wit-A crop in the left ear and Slit in the said crop.
  • Will get date later
    One other from Jacob Smelser to William Ross dated August 13th, 1795 for 170 acres more or less. Was duly acknowledged in Court and admitted to record. James Stinson pays fees


Botetourt County, Virginia

  • 1772 - Taken by W. Crockett for his and Doak's Cos.

Fincastle County, Virginia

  • 1773 - Daniel Trigg, Deputy Sheriff's list of delinquents: "Jacob" SMELSER "supernumary" was collected 1774-1782 Bedford Co., VA Court Order Book

Washington County, Tennessee

  • 1779 - Jacob Smaser - Wilson's Dist
  • c1780-1781 - Jacob Smelser - (4)
  • 1781 - Jacob Smelser - 13

Greene County, Tennessee

The transcriber of the next record changed the spellings to what was believed they should be

  • 1787-1788 - Jacob Smelcer 600 acres 1 poll
  • 1796-1798 - Nobody by the surname of SMELSER or SMELCER listed


Fincastle County, Virginia

  • 1774 Land Survey: Jacob Smelzer 139 acres on the south branches of Reed Creek, waters of New River, corner to Montgomery.
    NOTE:Reed Creek is in present day Wythe County.

Greene County, Tennessee

  • Tennessee Land Entries (John Armstrong's Office)
    By Dr. A. B. Pruitt
    976.8 R2pr
    Page 190

    2161 May 13, 1784
    Jacob Smelshea enters 300 ac on E side of Tennesse R and on Rains' Cr; border: above Abraham Kuykendall's entry; warrant issued Nov. 30, 1784; grant to "board warrant A F".
  • East Tennessee
    Board of Commissioners
    Minutes (1806-1818)
    By Dr. A.B. Pruitt

    Page 130
    entry #416 from Carter's office in Jacob Smelser's name for 200 ac, a claim to a duplicate warrant "from which was filed by heirs of Ball" on behalf of Jacob Smelser; the Commissioner adjudged no warrant can issue from the entry; a warrant appears to have issued there from, & a grant was obtained thereon in name of Seth Smith.

    Page 155
    The Commissioner considered no warrant to issue from entry #2161 in John Armstrong's office in name of Jacob Smelshere for 300 ac; it appears the original warrant issued from this entry has been filed before the West Tennessee Board of Commissioners, and they adjudge it to be S and W of the United States line of reservation [Congressional Reservation].
  • "North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778 - 1791"
    Compiled by
    Betty Goff Cook Cartwright
    Lillian Johnson Gardiner
    Family History Library Call Number 976.8 R2c
    Page 45
    Entry # 2144
    Jacob Smencer 100 acres entered 1788 Greene County, land on Holley Creek the waters of Nolachucky

    Family History Library Film # 0,944,416
    Original Entry Book 4, Page 55-56
    Conveyance Jacob Smelser to William Ross for 100 acres of Land on Holleys Creek the waters of Nolachuckey River
    This Indenture made the third Day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine Between Jacob Smencer of the County of Greene and State of North Carolina of the one part, and William Ross of the County and State aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Forty Pounds in hand Paid by the said William Ross unto the said Jacob Smencer at or Before the sealing and delivering of these Presents, the Receipt whereof in hereby acknowledged, and himself fully satisfied have Bargained sold aliened and confirmed and by these presents do Bargain sell alien Grant and confirms unto the said William Ross a Tract of Land Lying and Being in Greene County, on Holleys Creek the waters of Nolachuckey: Beginning at a Black Oak, thence south one Hundred and Twenty six Poles to two white oaks thence west one Hundred and Twenty six Poles to a stake, thence North one Hundred and Twenty six Poles to a stake, thence East one Hundred and Twenty six Poles to the Beginning. It Being a Tract of Land Granted Unto the said Jacob Smencer Bearing date at Edenton the 23rd Day of August 1788. Containing by estimation one Hundred acres, Together with all Woods, Waters, Water Courses mines, minerals, Hereditaments, and appertenances to the said Land belonging or in anywise appertaining with all Rents, Issues Profits to thereof to hold to the said William Ross the aforesaid one Hundred acres of Land said all and singular the Premises hereby granted and sold and all and every Part and Parcel thereof with their and every of of the appartenences unto the said William Ross his heirs and assigns forever and the said Jacob Smelser for himself his heirs Executors administrators doth provide and agree to and with the said William Ross his heirs and assigns by these presents now at the sealing and Delivery of these presents have full power and Lawful authority according to the aforesaid Grant Dated at Edenton the 23rd Day of August 1788 to Grant and Convey the aforesaid one Hundred acres of Land in manner and form thereof and that the same is and forever shall be clear of all Grants Gifts Bargaines Sales made by me heretofore and also Dower and right and title of Dower, and all other Incumberances whatsoever so as to make unto the said William Ross his heirs and assigns forever a true Perfect and Indefeasible Estate of Inheritance in Fee simple forever, save only such Taxes as shall be come due or chargeable on the same by Law only excepted, and the said Jacob Smelser himself his heirs executors administrators, doth Promise and forever Defend the aforesaid one Hundred acres of Land from himself his heirs many other Person or Persons, Lawfully claiming, the same or hereafter to claim unto the said William Ross his heirs or assigns forever, in witness whereof the said Jacob Smelser hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the Day and year first above written.
    Jacob Smelser (seal)

    Signed sealed and Delivered
    in presence of
    Richard Woods
    Benjamin McCurtin

    August Term
    Proven in Court
    Daniel Kennedy CCC
    Registered this 10th Day of September 1789

  • Source will be provided at a later time

    Book V
    Page 146
    Page 15 (original record book)
    No. 1229
    Jacob Smelcer -- 400 acres on the head of Holley's Creek, adjoining Smelcer, McClung, McGaughey, William Henderson and John Patterson. Sealed 12 June 1794.

    Page 52
    No 1557
    Page 75 (original record book)
    North Carolina, Washington County - 400 acres for Joshua English at mouth of Clear Creek running up creek - John Carter E.T. Certificate - Grant of Jacob Smelser No. 1229 Greene County, 12 June 1794, from writ 1520 - ripened into a grant to Thomas Rankin.

    Family History Library Film # 0,944,415
    Book 2, Page 398
    Conveyance Jacob Smelcer to William Ross for 400 Acres on Holleys Creek
    Registered in Book D and Page 11?

    United States of America This Indenture made this 13th day of August in the year of our Lord one Hundred Seven Hundred and Ninty five Between Jacob Smelcer of the County of Greene and Territory South of Ohio of the one Part and William Ross of the County and Territory aforesaid of the other Part Witnesseth that the said Jacob Smelcer for and in consideration of the sum of One Hundred Pounds Virginia Currency to him in hand and by the said William Ross the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Hath by these presents doth grant Bargain Sell alien and Confirm unto the said William Ross and his Heirs and assigns forever a Certain Tract or Parcel of Land Containing four Hundred acres to the same more or less lying and being in the County of Grant aforesaid on Holley's Creek Beginning at a stake then East one Hundred and Seventy Poles Corner to said Smelcers old survey then South one Hundred and twenty six poles to Smelcers Line to two white oaks Smelcers Corner then west sixty Poles to Smelcers Line to two maples then South fifty six Poles along Hugh McClungs Line to a white Oak then East two Hundred and Seven Poles along McClungs and William Hendersons Line to a white Oak thence north two Hundred and twenty three Poles to a stake then north twenty west three Hundred and fifty six Poles to a stake along John Pattersons line then South five East one Hundred and sixty Poles to the Beginning with all and singular the apertenances the appertenances whatsover to the said tract of land Belonging or Appertaining and the reversion and Reversions rents and Issues thereof and all the estate Right Title Interest Property claim and Demand of Him the said Jacob Smelcer his Heirs & of in and to the same and every Part and Parcel thereof either in Law or equity to Him and to Hold the said four Hundred acres of Land with the Appertenances unto the said William Ross His Heirs and assigns forever against the lawfull Title claim and Demand of all and every Person or persons Whatsoever shall and will Warrant and forever Defend by these presents in fee simple and Him the said William Ross. In Witness whereof the said Jacob Smelcer Hath Hereunto set His Hand and seal the day and year first above written ---
    Jacob Smelcer

    Signed Sealed & Delivered in Presence of us
    Meek -----
    Saml Kennedy

    Greene County Court August sessions 1795 then was the execution of this deed Being duly acknowledged in court. Let it be Registered
    --- A West ---- Daniel Kennedy CCC

Jacob Smelser, Jr

Late 1762 - 1767 birth in Pennsylvania


Greene County, Tennessee

The transcriber of the next record changed the spellings to what was believed they should be

  • 1787-1788
    Jacob Smelcer, Jr. 1 poll

Jacob Smelser - Unknown if Father or Son

No Proof Which Record Belongs To Father or Son

Court Minutes

Greene County, Tennessee

  • November 1784
    The last Will and Testament of James Delany was duly proven by the oaths of Anne Yokum, Mary Mahoney and the same is ordered to be recorded. Ordered that letters Testamentory be granted to Elizabeth Delany and Jacob Smelcher on the estate of James Delany decd. Deposited forty shillings.

    Date not shown on my copy:
    An inventory for the estate of James Delany deceased was returned by Elizabeth Crowley and recorded by the court being duly proven
  • August Term 1786
    David Crowly being brought before the court on a charge of threatening the county of Greene it is considered that he be bound to the good behavior for one year and a day, to wit:
    David Crowley in 5000
    Jacob Smelser & Stephen Strange 250 each
    Clerk paid 6 s
  • Term on previous page, just before November Term 1787
    John Crocket vs James Anderson
    Case of Assumpsit
    James Truman, Barnet Brumley, Wm Brumley, John Reeny, Geo Jamison, William Syett, James Pickens, Moses Chambers, David Morris, Jacob Smelser, John Delany, William Lowery Jurymen implanneled & sworn passed on the tryol do find for the plaintiff eight pound and cost.
  • Will get date later-probably 1790
    John Province came into Court and proved by the oaths of Frederick [blank] and Jacob Smelcer credible witnesses that part of his nose and each of his ears were bitten off in a combatt with Benjamin Anderson and the same is ordered to be recorded.

Knox County, Tennessee

  • In the left hand column for both dates is A.D. 121 next to Jacob SMELSER's name and Rhea 129 next to Thomas KING's name. Could these be the lawyers?
    Book O Page 79
    Friday August 9, 1793
    Jacob Smelser . . . Plaintiff
    Thomas King . . . Defendant
    In Covenant
    This day came the parties by their attornies The Plaintiff having filed his declaration The Defendant prays ???? of the writing obligatory aforesaid and to him it is read ?? he prays likewise  ???? of the condition of the same Writing and to him it is had in these Words to Wit. "The Condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Thomas King do make and convey unto the Said Jacob Smelser his heirs ?? a good and Sufficient State title to Six hundred acres of land lying nearly opposite to the head of one prong of Turkey Creek on the waters of Clinch, to be land of a good quality well timbered and watered, the Title to the aforesaid land to be made as soon as a Title from the State of North Carolina then this obligation to be void, or else to remain in full force, power and virtue in law." which being read and heard, the Said Defendant filed his pleas and the issue being joined the trial thereof is referred until next Court.

    Book O Pages 95-96
    Friday November 8, 1793
    Jacob Smelser . . . Plaintiff
    Thomas King . . . Defendant
    In Covenant
    This day came the parties by their Attornies and thereupon came a Jury to Wit John Cockran, James McClure, John Sharkey, John Gamble, Samuel Henderson, John ? Bradley, Archibald Lacky, Thomas Millican, ??aniel McCoy, George Woods, William Black, and George Berry, who being elected tried and Sworn the truth to speak upon the issues joined upon their Oath do Say, the writing obligatory declared on, is the Deed of the Defendant in manner and form as the Plaintiff against him hath complained, and that the Saind Defendant hath not performed the same and they do assess the Plaintiffs damages by occasion thereof to Five hundred and fifty dollars besides his Costs, Therefore it is considered by the Court that the Plaintiff recover against the Defendant his damages aforesaid in form aforesaid assessed and his costs by him about his suit in this behalf expended. And the said Defendant in Mercy (initials G.C.) From which Judgement the Defendant pray and Appear; which rule is withdrawn, and the said Plaintiff acknowledges that he hath received Satisfaction of Robert King for the damages aforeSaid, and the parties each agree to pay their own Attorney and the Plaintiff agrees to pay three of the Witnesses and the Court charges they agree to pay equally between them.


Knox County, Tennessee

  • Book A, Page 169
    William Lea to Jacob Smelser
    This Indenture made the 3rd day of July in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety two between William Lea of Knox County and Western Territory south of the River Ohio of the One part and Jacob Smelser of the same place of the other part wittnesseth that the said William Lea for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds to him in hand paid by said Jacob Smelser the receipt whereof said William Lea doth hereby acknowledge he the said William Lea hath granted, bargained and sold aliened and confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell alien and confirm unto the said Jacob Smelser his heirs and assigns forever all the said messerages or Tenements situated and lying in the County of Knox on the north side of Holston river opposite the mouth of little river being part of a tract of land granted granted to William Lea of three hundred acres no.55 Beginning on the bank of the river on a mulberry tree thence a conditional line with Jacob Grage to a hickory at the foot of a hill thence a direct course across the survey so as to include a spring near the back line then to the back line to a stake then south eighty east to a conditional line made with John Carter then with said conditional line to the river Bank to a sycamore tree thence down the meanders of the river to the Beginning be the same more or less and also all lands trees woods ways waters and appretenances whatsoever to the said tenement and premises above mentioned belonging or in anywise appertaining and also all and every part thereof and all the estate right & interest claim and demand of him the said William Lea of in and to the said messerage and every part thereof to have and to hold the premises above mentioned and every part and parcel thereof with the appretenances until the said Jacob Smelser his heirs and assigns to the only use and behoof of the said Jacob Smelser his heirs & assigns forever
    The word eighty between eighty & east is erased in original and the said William Lea for him and his heirs the said messerage or tenement and premises and every part thereof against him and his heirs and against all and every other person or persons whatsoever to the said Jacob Smelser his heirs and assigns shall and forever will warrant, defend to be an indefeasible inheritance by these presents. In wittness whereof I have hereunto set my and and seal the day and year above written, and in the seventeenth year of American Independence. Wm Lea (Seal)
    Signed Sealed and delivered in presence
    of John Payne Sarah (her X mark) Carter
    Reg. May 19, 1794

    This document states Jacob SMELSER was living in Knox County. Could he have been living at what is now Smelser Road SW (see Higgins Avenue SW northwest of Smelser Road SW)?
    Street View

Hamilton County, Tennessee

  • Tennessee Researcher - v. 4, no. 4 (Dec. 1965)
    Family History Library 976.8 D25t Vol 4, Number 4
    Hamilton County, Tennessee Deeds
    Vol 1, 1796-1826
    Pages 22-23 & 25
    6 July 1796
    From: Stockley DONELSON by his attorney, John HACKETT, of Knox County, Tennessee
    To: Charles McCLUNG of Knox County, Tennessee
    Sold several pieces of land on Chickamaga Creek and also Sale River
    Witnesses: Jacob SMELSER of Knox County, Tennessee
    NOTE: Chattanooga is the county seat for Hamilton County, Tennessee
    See Early County Map

Fentress County, Tennessee

Thank you Jan for the 1808 information
David Smeltzer for the exact title
John Smeltzer for the 1810 reference

  • Tennessee Homesteaders and Landowners
    Abstracts of Surveyers Book 1808-1810 Entry Book 1814-1815
    Fourth Surveyers District
    Compiled by Willis Hutcherson
    Overton County # 148
    75 3/4 acres Jacob SMELSER 13 May 1808
    Held by right of improvement, occupancy and preemption... Situate in Poplar Cove on waters of Obids River... Corner of Nathan ROBERSON ... Corner to David ROBERSON ... Corner to Eli MULLINAX & Corner to Jacob COOPER ... Corner to Randolph CLARK...
    Eli Mullinax
    Jacob Cooper

    Overton Co., TN: Survey entry #727
    27 Oct 1810
    WILLIAM HARP for 10 acres on Obeys River on Piles Turnpike Road to include the cabbing [sic cabin] and spring where said Harp now lives, it being where Jab Smelser formerly lived.
    Jos. Campbell
    Wm. Long
    Recorded 11-19-1811
    Delivered 3-12-1812 to Joshua Cox

Overton County, Tennessee

  • Book E Page 83
    Deed-300 acres
    Jacob Smelser to John Smelser
    This Indenture made and entered into this thirteenth day of February, One thousand eight hundred and twenty, between Jacob Smelser of Overton County and state of Tennessee and John Smelser of the County and State aforesaid, witnesseth, that the said Jacob Smelser Senior, for and in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars to him in hand paid the receipt of which he doth acknowledge, and forever acquit and discharge the said John Smelser, his heirs, executors, administrators, assigns & e., doth grant, bargain, alien and confirm unto the said John Smelser, his heirs, assigns to a certain tract or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the State and county aforesaid on Flatt Creek, a branch of Roaring River and beginning on a Walnut at William Bryan's hickory corner, thence to a marked black oak a conditional line between said Jacob Smelser and said John Smelser, thence a straight line with said Walnut and black oak to the South line of said survey, thence with said line crossing Flatt Creek; thence down the creek with said line to Bryan's buckeye corner on said Creek at the mouth of a small branch thence along with said Bryan's line to the beginning containing, as is supposed, three hundred acres Patent no 1717 issued by the state of North Caroline the twentieth day of May 1793 as reference thereto had, will now fully appear with are and singular the wood, waters and water courses, profits, hereditaments and appretanances thereas to belonging or appertaining and unto the said three hundred acres of land, be it more or less, and the deversion or deversions, remainder or remainders, ??? and sureties thereof and see the situates, right & ??? interest, hereto claim and ??? Jacob Smelser ???? his heirs ?? to the same and _______________thereof either in law or equity, to have and to hold the said three hundred acres of land, with the appertenances unto the said John Smelser, his heirs and assigns forever and the said Jacob Smelser doth consent to and with the said John Smelser that he the said Jacob Smelser warrant and defend the said tract of land herein before expressed to the said John Smelser, his heirs and assigns against himself, his heirs, and all persons claiming under him.

    In Testimony whereof the said Jacob Smelser hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year above written.
    Jacob (his X mark) Smelser (Seal)
    Witness present
    Paul Chapin, Jurat
    Eli Harrison, Jurat
    State of Tennessee
    Overton County
    July Session 1820
    Then was the due execution of the within deed of conveyance duly ???? in open court by the oaths of Paul Chapin and Eli Harrison subscribing witnesses thereto for the use and purposes therein contained and ordered to be assigned(?) for registration.
    Registered 25th of August, 1820

    John Smelcen(r)
    Deed 300 acres
    on the waters of Flat Creek District No 3
    Overton County State of Tennessee
    to Hiram M Allen
    This indenture made and Concluded in Overton County, the twenty first day of Aprile AD one Thousand eight hundred and Thirty Eight between John Smel(off page) of the one part and Hiram M Allen of the other part both of the County and State of Tennessee Witnesseth for and in consideration of the Sum of four hundred dollars to have in hand paid at or before the Sealin and delivering of these presents the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and (off page) the Said John Smelcer fully Satisfied hath bargained, Sold, alienated and confirmed unto him the Said Hiram M Allen and by these presents bargain Sell Alien Confirm and Convey to him the Sd Allen a certain tract or parcel of land lying and Being in the Said county of Overton Bounded az Follows Viz Begining on a Spanish Oak Marked H.M. J.S. on the East Side of Flat Creek thence Running Southwardly to the point of the Ridge with the conditional line Made by John Smelcer to Said Allen Miandering to ridge with the condition to the North Bounded Line of Said tract of land thence with Said line Eastwardly to the North East corner of a Six him...and forty acre tract of land former owned by Said Smelcer thence South with the line of Said Survey to a conditional line formerly Made by Jacob Smelcer desceart to John Smelcer Signer, Thence with Said line westwardly to William Brians old line Now owned by H M Allen Thence with Said line to Flat Creek thence up Said creek to the above named Spanish Oak
    Jno Smelcer (Seal)
    George Cain
    Henry Dillen
    W ? Allen
    I H.M. Allen for a certain reason do agree to let my Father William Allen have the use of the land that the within Deed calls for during the Natural lifetime of him and my Mother Mary Allen and no Longer this 3rd of May 1841 H.M. Allen
    State of Tennessee
    Overton County
    Personally appeared before Me John S Daugherty, Clerk of the County Court for Said County Henry Dillen and George Cain the Subscribing Witnesses to the Within deed who upon their oath did Say that the were acquainted with John Smelcer the conveyor to the within deed that they Saw him Execute the Same on the day it bears date for the purposed therein contained Given under my hand at office the 3rd day of May 1841.
    John S Daugherty, clk
    The foregoing is a correct Registry of a deed of conveyance from John Smelcer to H.M. Allen and of the certificate thereon and was Registered on the 9th day of January AD 1860 and was filed on the 3rd day of Jany 1860 at 8 oclock

In this image: Flatt Creek starts between Miller Mountain and Reynolds Mountain then flows towards Hilham Highway (85). In the lower left corner is Roaring River.



  • Jacob SMELCER bondsman for the marriage license of Solimon YOKEM & Susannah ADAMS 8 APR 1793 Jefferson County
  • Jacob SMELSER bought from Alexander Ward's Estate 4 October 1796 Jefferson County
  • Jacob SMELSER a witness for a deed of sale from John DELANY to John DOAN 10 Mar 1801 for 4 acres and 40 perches lying on both sides of Sinking Creek in Greene County

Not Family

Johan Adam SMELCER who was born in Pennsylvania and died in 1822 Greene County, Tennessee - y-DNA I2b1