Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p548


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Volume 3, Page 548

d. prob. July 1654; and his wid. Eunice, m. 22 Oct. 1656, Moses Maverick,
as his sec. w. THOMAS, Duxbury, 1640, m. 24 Mar. 1651 (Winsor,
286), or more prob. 1656, Mary, d. of Robert Paddock, may have rem.
to Eastham. THOMAS, Roxbury, a 1645, s. prob. of John, but I presume
he rem. aft. or bef. d. of his f. THOMAS, Providence 1650, is in
the list of freem. there 1655, m. a sis. of William Harris, but d. at Newport,
without ch. early in Apr. 1676. THOMAS, Dover, s. of Thomas
the first
, by w. Mary, d. of Thomas Leighton, had s. Thomas, and Nathaniel,
perhaps other ch. Thomas d. unm. but the name was perpet.
there by Nathaniel. THOMAS, a soldier under Capt. William Turner, k.
by the Ind. at the Falls fight, 19 May 1676. * WILLIAM, Milford 1645-1669,
was rep. 1689. WILLIAM, Dover 1645, had a fam. and with his s.-in-law
was k. by the Ind. in 1675. But whether he had s. or not, is unascert.
by the indefatig. Mr. Quint, to whom, for all informat. a. Dover, antiquaries
are so much indebt. WILLIAM, Charlestown 1648, may have rem.
to New Haven, there been propr. 1685. Perhaps by w. Joanna, he had
William; Zachariah; Alice and Lydia, tw.; Ann, and Abigail. His
s. William perpet. the fam. See Dodd. WILLIAM, Boston, m. at
Hingham, Oct. 1667, Elizabeth Tower.

    ROBERTSON, JOHN, was k. by the Ind. 21 Oct. 1676, at Salisbury, as
Coffin inform. Farmer. NICHOLAS. See Robinson. WILLIAM, is nam.
by Shattuck as at Concord 1670.

    ROBIE or ROBY, ANDREW, Hartford, m. 19 Nov. 1691, Abigail Curtis,
perhaps had Mary, b. 4 Nov. 1692; and Elizabeth 19 July 1694. EBENEZER,
Sudbury, s. of William of Boston, a physician, stud. under the
celebr. Boerhave, was much esteemed, and d. 1 or 4 Sept. 1772.
HENRY, Hampton 1678, had been at Exeter, it is said, and Farmer had
the date 1639, in wh. yr. he thought he rem. from Dorchester, but the
name at D. was mistak. for Kibby; d. 1688, leav. w. Sarah, and ch.
Thomas, Samuel, Ichabod, John, Judith, and Ruth. His will of 10
Jan. 1687, with codic. of 3 Apr. 1688 was pro. 5 June foll. But he
had been m. 19 Feb. 1674, as 3d h. of Elizabeth wid. of John Garland, d. of
Thomas Philbrick, wh. had first been w. of Thomas Chase; and he may
have been that man, b. as in the Bible of his br. Thomas, at Castle
Dunnington, was writ. 12 Feb. 1618/9, add. that he went and liv. in N.
E. JOHN, Haverhill, s. of the preced. d. prob. June 1691. JOSEPH,
Boston, s. of William, by w. Priscilla had Henry, b. 3 Oct. 1722;
Joseph, 12 May 1724, H. C. 1742; Hannah, 9 Jan. 1726; and William,
5 June 1727. RICHARD, Marblehead 1674. SAMUEL, in the Bible of
his br. Thomas, wh. Dr. Ebenezer cop. from at Castle Dunnington, the
fam. seat, is mark. b. 12 Feb. 1628/9, with the add. "went to New Eng."
but I have never heard of his arr. and fear that his int. may have been