Source:Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec. District judiciaire de Bedford. Greffes de Notaires

Source District judiciaire de Bedford. Greffes de notaires
Author Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Year range 1799 - 1956
Subject Deed/Land records, Legal/Court records, Will/Probate records
Publication information
Type Miscellaneous
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. District judiciaire de Bedford. Greffes de notaires.
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A generic source for all 77 notaries held by the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) for district judiciaire of Bedford.

Records of 22 notaries are located at BAnQ Vieux-Montréal and the remainder at BAnQ Sherbrooke. There are no on-line images for the 22 at Vieux-Montréal. At Sherbrooke, 15 of the 55 notaries do not have on-line images. Images may be of the following types: répertoire chronologique (notary’s chronological index), index de noms (alphabetical index) and actes (actual legal documents). Expect a notary’s records to be inconsistent either because the original documents have been lost or the pages yet to be scanned and uploaded. Currently only six have actes.

CN502 identifies notaries as a group at Sherbrooke and CN611 at Vieux-Montréal. Individuals are identified by an S number; for instance, CN502,S47 represents Joseph Gingras on file in Sherbrooke and CN611,S7 represents Ernest Fleury at Vieux-Montréal . The Sherbrooke notaries cover the years 1799 to 1925 and Vieux-Montréal notaries 1879 to 1956.

Notaries with images can be accessed here. Under “Par district” in the left hand column click on "A á K" then “Bedford”. That will bring up a list labelled “Estrie District judiciare de Bedford”. Under the light orange heading is the statement “Le signe * indique que le texte des actes is disponible”, in other words, legal documents may be seen for notaries indicating an *. If one clicks on Théophile Amyrauld, his page appears and then any of repertoire, index or actes can be clicked to view the images. For some reason BAnQ omitted Louis-Joseph Jodoin,CN502 S24, from the list of notaries with images. To see Jodoin's index of more than 500 pages go to his profile page and at the upper right click on the box that has "voir les image(s):556".

Bedford Notaries CN502 1799-1893 at Sherbrooke. No on-line images at BAnQ

Rémi Archambault S3Camille-Ludger Beaudin S6Henri Bondy S8Charles Brin S12
William Burn S15Charles-E.-V. Clément S16Edmond Clément S17 Samuel Gale S21
Joseph-Pierre Geoffrion S22Léon Lalanne S26Hormidas Marcoux S50Fénélon-Louis Mongeon S51
Thomas John Pelton S39Charles Tétu S43Louis-Philippe Tremblay S54

Bedford Notaries CN611 1879-1956 at Vieux-Montréal. No on-line images at BAnQ

R.R, Bachand S1A. Boulay S2J.R. Comeau S3Eusèbe Cordeau S4
Zéphirin I. Delorme S6J.L. Dozois S5J.A. Drouin S11Ernest Fleury S7
Fortin Fortin S8Jean Fortin S9Louis Joseph Jodoin S10Jean-Roch Barrière dit Langevain S12
George-Hector-Alfred Lévesque S13Joseph-Hildège-François Marcoux S14Victor Monty S15Omer Nadeau S16
Pierre-Joseph-Stanislas Peltier S17Joseph-Alfred Perras S18Joseph Raîche S19
Paul-Édouard Rinfret S20Joseph-Cyprien St-Pierre S21Charles-Ulric-Raphael Tartre S22

Other Notarial Locations

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Although documents are located at BAnQ, many other repositories such as Family History Center will have microfilm or microfiche copies. Actes donated by families are likely to be found at historical centers, museums and libraries.

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