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The Baronetage of England: Containing a Genealogical and ..., Volume 3, By Thomas Wotton, Edward Kimber, Richard A. Johnson, informs us about the Ridley family as follows: "We shall now give an account of the family of Ridley, as we find it recorded in the Heralds office; and it is much to be wished that every family of distinction would be as careful in entering their pedigree in the college of Arms, as the Ridleys have been, whom we are now to treat of: many inconveniencies, even to the families themselves, would be thereby avoided.

We there find that the family of Ridley has been of very long standing in Northumberland, and possessed of several considerable estates in that county, (where they still continue,) as appears from divers antient evidences. The principal family seat was at Willymondswyke, on the banks of the river Tyne, which, with the estate, during the troubles in King Charles the First's time, were lost, and are now in the possession of Sir Edward Blacker, Bart. They are supposed to be descended from the Ridleys of Ridley, in Cheshire: the Arms anciently used by both families, were alike.

The first mentioned of this family, in the pedigree recorded in the Heralds office, begins about the year 1400, with Nicholas Ridley, of Willymondswyke, in the county of Northumberland, Esq; who married Alice, daughter and coheir of Skelton, of Bramford.

Their son, Nicholas, married Artne, daughter of Eglesfield, of Cumberland, by whom he had issue, Sir Nicholas; and Thomasin, the wife of Thomas Carnaby, of HallooCastle, in the county of Northumberland, Esq; Sir Nicholas Ridley, Knt. married Mary, the daughter of —— Curwen, of Workington, in the county of Cumberland, Esq; and had issue, Nicholas Ridley, Esq; his eldest son; Christopher Ridley, of Unthank, second son; and Jane, who was the wife of Gilbert Errington, of Errington, in the county of Northumberland, Esq.

Christopher Ridley, of Unthank, aforesaid, in the county of Northumberland, was father of Nicholas Ridley, bishop of London, who was born at Willymondswyke, and suffered for the Protestant faith, at Oxford, on the 16th of October, 155J. He was a person, fays Anthony Wood, great in learning, mid profoundly read in divinity; but, as a more full account is already written of him by John Fox, in his acts and monuments of the church, I shall refer the reader to that work- The bishop shop had a brother, named Hugh, and a sister, Elizabeth, who married John Ridley, of Wall-Town, in the county of Northumberland, Esq; which John is supposed to be a collateral, branch of the same family. He died anno 1562, and was buried at Haltwhistle, in the county of Northumberland, where his monument and inscription still remain, a copy of which inscription is preserved in the Heralds office *, London. Their daughter Elizabeth, and sole heir, married Thomas Ridley, one of the great grandsons of Sir Nicholas Ridley, beforementioned, and had issue, John Ridley, of Wall-Town, son and heir, who was living in 1615, and married to Anne, the daughter and executrix of Charleton, of Heskside, in Northumberland, Esq." In Ridlon's History of the Ancient Ryedales, he writes: "Robert Ridley is supposed to have been a son of Christopher Ridley of Battersea, in the County of York, England. He came to American in 1635, with his wife, Elizabeth Abridgton, to whom he was married previous to his embarkation for the New World. The record gives his age as twenty-three years, and that of his wife as twent-eight. He came on the shop 'Dorset,' Captain Flowers master, and brought a certificate From a Justice of the Peace proving himself comformable to the Church of England and 'no subsidy man. 'Mr Ridley settled in Isle of Wight County, in the south-eastern section of Virginia, and became a wealthy land-owner and extensive planter there." ... "Capt. Nathaniel Ridley, a younger brother of Robert, came to Virginia many years subsequent to the settlement of that gentleman, and became a wealthy land-owner and planter in the County Isle of Wight in that State, as the following, prove, June 16, 1714, Capt. Nathaniel Ridley 815 acres Isle of Wight."

Elizabeth Day, daughter of James Day, was the wife of Capt. Nathaniel Ridley and by October 17, 1706, Silvester Hill by will named her and left her property. The wife of James Day was named Mary in his will, and by January 7, 1703/4 she had married John Johnson, who made his will on that date and made her sole executor. In her own will she referred to being sole executor of her husband John Johnson, his will was proved August 9, 1707 and on November 30, 1712, she made her will as Mary Gledhill, having married once again before her death. The 1/19/1723] will of Thomas Day names Leg. aunt Elizabeth Lear; cousin Thomas Day, all the land that I bought of John Thomas, with reversion of the bequest to my cousin James Ridley; to sister Jones; brother James Day; to brother-in-law Mathew Jones; to brother-in-law William Bridger. "There is more reference to Francis Jones in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. His uncle, Capt. Mathew Jones, was married more than once. His last wife was Mrs. Elizabeth (Day) Ridley, widown of Nathaniel Ridley. Mary Ridley, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Ridley, married Francis Jones." McSwains, Some Descendants of Francis Albrighton, p. 194.

The following list of the Civil and Military officers in Virginian 1680. WARWICK— p/A June, 1699. Humphrey Harwood, Miles Cary, Samuell Ransha, Wm. Rascow, Thomas Charles, MATTHEW JONES, Robert Hubbard, William Carey, Sheriff, Thomas Merry. Quorum. Miles Wills, Thomas Haynes, JOHN TIGNALL. The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Vol. I. Jan, 1894. No. 3. According to Tyler’s Quarterly, Vol. 1, p. 508. Matthew Jones of Warwick County born about 1640 married Elizabeth Albridgton and had probably Francis and Matthew, who are named as land owners in 1704. Matthew Jones, born about 1665, married, it is believed a Tignall. A John Tignall was a land owner in Warwick in 1704. He had at least two sons Matthew and Francis. The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 1. 1/1895. The 1713 Warwick Quit Rent Roll was preserved in England and his now part of the Colonial Williamsburg manuscript collection lists many farms in Nutmeg Quarter. Gerrard Ridley had 300 acres. His ancestor, PETER RIDLEY, was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1645. John Tignall bought 392 acres in Nutmeg Quarter in 1705, for which Judith Tignall paid a quitrent in 1713. Thomas Tignall was a churchwarden in Warwick.

Winifred "Winnie" Mims was the daughter of Drury Mims and Lydia Jones of Goochland Co., VA, she married Henry Ware, Jr., son of Henry Ware, Sr. and Martha Garrett. Lydia Jones was the daughter of Francis Jones, son Matthew Jones and Mary Tignal. Francis Albridgton Jones married m. Mary Ridley d/o Capt. Nathaniel Ridley Sheriff of Isle of Wight Co. and Elizabeth Day, d/o James Day and Mary ___. The Will of Francis Jones, Estate to my wife [Mary] and my children Nathanial, Tignal, John, Matthew, Albridgton, Bette Day, Lydia, Ridley, Jemima, & Francis Jones. The siblings of Winifred Mims were John, Livingston, David, Britton, Tignal, Matthew, Drury, Ridley and Lydia. Lydia's parents were Mary Ridley (daughter of Capt. Nathaniel Ridley, Sheriff of Isle of Wight Co. and Elizabeth Day) and Francis Jones (s/o Matthew Jones and Mary Tignall).

Drury Mims and Lidda his wife of Johnston Co., NC, sell to John Avent of Chatham Co., 95 acres, for 60 pds., in the county of Orange on the N. side of Cape Fear River, joining Cheeks line. Drury Mims signs and Lydia Mims signs. Wits: Joseph Avent and Robert Mims. Joseph Mims and Susannah Britton also lived in the Cape Fear area. On 3 Apr 1770 Chatham County, NC, Cape Fear, Joseph Mims of Orange Co., sold to my son Joseph Mims of the same. 100 acres, land in the county of Craven on the N. fork of Cape Fare/Fear River. signed Joseph Mims and Susannah [Britton] Mims.

Drury Mims' cousin was Shadrach Mims (son of David Mims and Agnes Weldy), who married Mary Woodson. Shadrach's great granddaughter, Zerelda Amanda Mims was the wife of Jesse James, the outlaw. The Jones and Britton's were both originally from Bitton, Gloucester, England. Drury's brother David married Sarah Scott, daughter of Samuel Scott and granddaughter of Col. John Scott and Judith Dudley. Sarah Scott's brother was Brig. General Charles Scott, Gov. of Kentucky. Also, Elizabeth Scott, daughter of Samuel Scott, married Major John Middleton and their daughter, Jane Middleton, married George Green Tankersley (G. T.) Ware, son of Capt. Robert Ware and Margaret Tankersley.