Place talk:Wood Hey Laithe, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

Dear Readers.

While I am happy my (modest) work so far has been highlighted, My work here is far from finished or interesting.

The nearby village (Holme) was pretty much dominated by one of my ancestors relatives and This is a start of a 'one place one name' study to reconstruct the local communities genealogy and then to try to get anyone interested in any of their ancestors who lived here to contribute.

The aim is as well as having ancestry type information, to also collect local info and stories so that anyone tracing a line to here can get a richer feel for the place at the time

I like the wiki format for two reasons.

1- it enables one place, one name studies to be hosted as well as conventional family histories.

2- If you are trying to reconstruct the family history for a place (albeit a small one) you will make some links as 'speculative' until info comes to light which makes them proven (or unproven). Traditional family history programs require you to make the link as a positive one before it is really proven. As I see it so long as you mark something a specualtive in a wiki based one such as this, any future reader will be in no doubt how strong the claim is. A speculative link might inspire them to resolve it, should it interest them Even a link you have speculated on and disproved might help some future researcher from spending time in the same manner that you did.