Place talk:Pine Forest Cemetery, Hopkins, Texas, United States



I wanted to add this transcript of the historical marker, which I have been unable to find a readable form anywhere. My cousin worked hard in 2000 to get this Historical marker placed. Several of the men mentioned are my family, James S Stout, Andrew J Richey, William S Fults,. The cemetery also has other historical markers placed that I am trying to get photographs of. I'd like to link these to their person pages, but am I trying to get too personal here? My photo I have that is readable is a copy of the photograph and is poor and has been folded. Thanks, Pam

All your ideas seem good. Don't be afraid to use a picture that's not perfect - if you get a better one you can replace it later. May I also presume to suggest:
* upload whatever your best scanned image is
* instead of a sign transcription in the place location, consider attaching it to the text portion for the uploaded image.
* add the sign image to the place page (clicking on the image will get a person to the text - you could put a caption in to that effect).
* assuming that you know the location of the sign with some precision, use a map->GIS site like this to get fairly precise lat/long (GIS) numbers. Put those in the text for the sign as well, using a google map template like the following: Old Porter High School - {{googlemap|43.81017|-70.88547|Old Porter High School|Old+Porter+High+School}}.
* for people noted in the narrative, who also have pages on WR, hyperlink the person name in the narrative, to the WR person page.
* if you know precise locations - within the cemetery - for the burials of specific people in WR, you can also use the google map template above in the description field of the burial location. When the template is there, that location will take precedence over the location specified by the Cemetery in general (for purposes of the genealogical map-making tools). For typical large cemeteries, having something more specific than just what cemetery, can be a big help. --Jrm03063 21:42, 28 May 2010 (EDT)

Place Page Problem [29 May 2010]

Not sure how it got into this condition. When I first created the place page, I put in the town name. After hearing this was not the preferred form, I renamed that to the county name only form. When I tried to change the attached person pages to point at that county name form, the county name isn't "suggested" in the place name pull down. Worse, when the page is checked in, the county form of the name is translated to the town form. I even deleted the offending page with the town name form but that had no effect on the problem. Seems like a software bug in the place name system... --Jrm03063 21:51, 28 May 2010 (EDT)

I'll work on this tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight... I also don't have coordinates for the graves. I sure wish I could go back to the cemetery. Too far. I live in Memphis and it's in East Texas. Pam

I've had this happen often with place pages that I rename. The system can take a while to register the changes and have those changes appear in the drop-down box. Further, as JRM said, even when you do put in the correct place name, the system automatically tries to be "smarter" than you, and renames it to the closest name currently available. When this happens, I wait until the next day to edit the Person/Family pages.
Pam, there were 7 people that linked to that cemetery page, I will fix them all this morning. --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:42, 29 May 2010 (EDT)

I realized that after attempting to fix one... Thanks for all your help. I have several more to add. Thanks again. Pam