Place talk:Indian Territory, United States

Move into Oklahoma? [30 November 2012]

Is this not a subset of the present-day State of Oklahoma? If so, it would be nice if we could move it under Oklahoma, United States. (The theory being that regions confined within a single state should be defined there, so that only regions which span states need to be defined at the level of the United States.) Or am I missing something?

If I am understanding the history correctly, in the last phase of Indian Territory, the one reflected in the map on this place page, the present area of the State of Oklahoma was split as per that map between Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory, and that situation persisted until statehood in 1907, at which point Indian Territory ceased to exist. So unlike many territories, which went unchanged into states, Oklahoma Territory never coincided with the present State of Oklahoma. So I propose that if we have a page under Oklahoma, United States for Indian Territory we also have one for Oklahoma Territory. Does anyone know if modern Oklahoma counties can all be described as either totally from Oklahoma Territory or totally from Indian Territory? (It doesn't look to me like that is true.)

--Pkeegstra 06:32, 30 November 2012 (EST)