Place talk:Avondale Woodlawn Cemetery, Avondale, Saskatchewan, Canada

Cemetery Location Name [17 August 2013]

Suggesting that the location of this cemetery is more properly, RM of Vanscoy No.375, Saskatchewan, Canada (RM=Rural Municipality, similar concept to the American "Township") The cemetery is at the intersection of the correction line road (Hwy. 675) and Avondale Rd.

Avondale, may have been a settlement to the south and east of Delisle and west of Vanscoy. Avondale Rd. angles out that way, continuing on south of Hwy. 7. Not sure that any town or settlement still exists, if it ever did. Avondale doesn't make the provincial grid road map. It might be a railroad name, many (most?) of the towns took their names from the railroad designations, a separate naming scheme used internally by CNR, CPR, and put in place before most of the towns existed. Every maintenance sub-station on the line was referenced,

The cemetery office is at the town of Vanscoy, just down the road (to the east) from Delisle on Hwy. 7. Avondale Rd. meets Hwy 7 about midway between Delisle and Vanscoy. It continues on south of highway, although it does not cross the highway directly. At that point the CNR line is to the south of Hwy. 7.--Gcrofford 02:59, 17 August 2013 (EDT)

Actually an RM is somewhat similar to a county and contains townships. The number is 345, not 375. This Wiki does not have a fleshed out set of places established for Saskatchewan Rural Municipalities, and I have not put a lot of thought into it until you initiated this topic. Since the Wiki standard is to leave out the words "Township" and "County" and their abbreviations when creating a place name, the format should probably be Vanscoy No. 345, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am going to have to revisit places I have already created.

See List of rural municipalities in Saskatchewan for a complete list of current and former RM's.

My Grandpa settled a couple of miles northwest of the cemetery in 1908. As far as I can tell, Avondale was just a district name. I am not aware of any post office. There was at least one church (Baptist) and a school, but they were not located in close proximity.

Personally, I prefer having the district name in this place, but that may not be the norm for the Wiki. I am open to correction. I will have to look at the Avondale district page and make sure it references the RM information.