Place:St. Paul's Parish, Stafford, Virginia, United States

NameSt. Paul's Parish
Located inStafford, Virginia, United States     ( - 1777)
Also located inKing George, Virginia, United States     (1777 - )

Misc. quotes from "St. Paul's Parish Register" by John Bailey Calvert Nicklin, pgs ii and iii:
"About 1680 Potomas Parish was divided into two parishes, Overwharton and Chotanck (later St. Paul's). The Rev. John Waugh who had been minister of Potomac Parish as early as 1667, was in charge of the two new parishes until the end of the century. . . Some of the first pages of the Parish Register are missing so it is impossible to tell just when it began. In the Virginia Magazine of History & Biography Vol. 1, pg. 377, there is a list of Virginia Parishes and under Stafford county, appears the following: 1702- Parishes- St. Paul's, tithes 346; Overwharton, tithes 518. Minister: John Frazier. . . The Rev. David Stuart served St. Paul's for 27 years, succeeded by his son, The Rev. William Stuart . . . The Parish Register, except for the first decade, was kept under the rectorship of the Stuarts, father and son. "In 1777 the revision of the county lines threw St. Paul's Parish into King George County, where it has remained since that date. So for the first three score years the records in the Register are of Stafford county and for the last score of King George county."

Would it be correct to assume that folks recorded in this St. Paul's register all lived in what became King George County? Or did the Parish overlap into other counties? --Janiejac 16:26, 2 November 2012 (EDT)

I believe the original parish area is now entirely within King George, but it belonged to Stafford before 1776. The county boundaries were substantially altered that year.Tarchon 17:02, 2 November 2012 (EDT)
2016 Follow up: per Colonial Churches, p 174, St. Paul's Parish was located in Stafford County until 1777 when county lines were redrawn and it became located in King George County. However, I was under the impression that we were not supposed to create Place Pages for ecclesiastical parishes in the U.S. The preferred protocol is to list the corresponding county in the Place Field and the parish in the Description Field. Based on that, this page should be deleted after the Place Fields are fixed for all linked pages ... --Cos1776 13:42, 24 May 2016 (UTC)