Place:Rose, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States

Coordinates45.014167°N 93.153056°W
Located inRamsey, Minnesota, United States     (1850 - 1948)
See alsoRoseville, Ramsey, Minnesota, United Statespresent day location
Lauderdale, Ramsey, Minnesota, United Statespresent day location
Falcon Heights, Ramsey, Minnesota, United Statespresent day location

- from A Brief History of Roseville:

...In 1850 Rose Township was established, named after Isaac Rose, one of the first white settlers, who conducted the area survey. Rose Township included the areas now known as Roseville, Lauderdale, and Falcon Heights, as well as parts of present day St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Farms and nurseries dominated the area until the 1930s when commercial development arrived, attracted by the wide-open space, convenient location, and the railroad. At the same time, people began leaving the inner cities for the more spacious, less congested lifestyle of the suburbs.

By 1948 the township form of government could no longer accommodate the area’s rapid growth. Roseville incorporated as a village in May of 1948, followed by Falcon Heights and Lauderdale, and Rose Township ceased to exist.

- from A Brief History of Falcon Heights:

... In 1859, one year after Minnesota was granted Statehood, Rose Township organized a voting precinct, and with all 22 legal voters present, town officers were duly elected and taxes were levied for the coming year. Nearly half of the original Rose Township was absorbed by St. Paul in 1881. Of the remaining area, the first urban area to arise was Rosehill, now known as Lauderdale.

[cos1776 Note: "Rosehill" or "Rose Hill" was a name given to the area by local residents which can still be heard today, however, it does not appear that it was ever an official name for Lauderdale.]