Place:Perryhawkin, Somerset, Maryland, United States


Typeinhabited place
Coordinates38.17°N 75.58°W
Located inSomerset, Maryland, United States

The community of Perryhawkin gained its name from Parrahaken Neck, a 17th century location designation. With no specific boundaries, it may best be envisioned as 8 miles due East of the town of Princess Anne, 7 miles northeast from Pocomoke City in Worcester County and bordered by the small communities of Whitesburg in Worcester County, Cokesbury and Wellington in Somerset County. In 17th and 18th century place designations it is found in Pocomoke Hundred. In 19th century census designations it is found in the Dublin District of Somerset County, although at times parts of it are found in the East Princess Anne District. Dividing Creek, a tributary of the Pocomoke River, separates Somerset from Worcester County (formed in 1742 out of Somerset). Descendants of 17th century settlers of this small community, still reside in the area.

The two earliest settlers were Edward Harper c1655-1713 and John Harris c1640-1713. By the 1724 tax list, Perryhawkin was still sparsely inhabited by these heads of household:

Joseph Ward        (c1682-1765) married Mary Warwick daughter of William and sister of Arthur
Ambrus Riggan Sr   (1673-1743 Ambrose Riggin married Judith Harris daughter of John
Robert Harris	    (1679-1759)  } sons of John Harris
Caleb Harris       (c1689-1751) }
Arthur Warwick     (c1699-1744)
Randall Smuling    (c1687-1743) Randall Smullen married Sarah Harris daughter of John
Edward Harper      (1691-1759) son of Edward
Easer Merrell      (b. c1694)  Esau Merrill 
Peter Dickerson    (1664-1733) married Sarah Riggin, niece of Ambrose

Within another generation, these heads of household are on the 1754 tax list for Pocomoke Hundred of Somerset County [tax lists for Worcester County, just across Dividing Creek, are not extant. If those lists survived, additional family members could be shown):

Joshua Knight      (c1698-post 1759) grandson of John Harris; married 1st cousin Elizabeth Harris
Abraham Harris     (c1729-1795) grandson of John Harris; married Director Dickerson, greatniece of Peter
James Harris       (c1725-1769) grandson of John Harris
Teague Riggin	    (c1720-1773) married Hannah Harris, granddaughter of John
Wm Fleming	    (c1712-1803)
  John Harper      (c1718-ante 1785) grandson of Edward
Nathal Smullen     (c1718-1796) Nathaniel Smullen, grandson of John Harris, married Sarah daughter of John Phillips
Wm Smullen         (c1719-ante 1782)  William Smullen, grandson of John Harris
Edmond Smullen     (c1731-ante 1793), grandson of John Harris
Robert Harris	    (1679-1759) son of John Harris
Joseph Riggen	    (c1700-1776) grandson of John Harris
Joseph Ward Snr    (c1682-1765) married Mary Warwick, sister of Arthur
Cornelious Ward    (c1715-1773) son of Joseph
Joseph Ward Jur    (c1720-1776) son of Joseph
Winniferd Haddock
John Phillips      (c1695-1762)
Wm Selevin         (1729-post 1793) William Sullivan married Bridget Phillips, daughter of John
Wm Smith           (c1696-1768)
Wm Layfield        (c1712-post 1762) married Judith Phillips, daughter of John
Wm Warrick         (c1728-1784), William Warwick, nephew of Mary Warwick Ward
Wm Benston         (c1725-post 1757) married Mary Warwick, sister of William