Place:Newburg, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States


Located inCuyahoga, Ohio, United States     (15 Oct 1814 - )

Newburg Township

Newburg Township was organized on 15 October 1814, some years after the settlement of Newburg had been established. Originally, the area's natural resources were significant enough that Newburg was the leading settlement in Cuyahoga County, causing Cleveland to be referred to as "the town on the lake, six miles from Newburg," although Cleveland's location on Lake Erie soon led to its dominance. Cleveland first annexed part of Newburg Township in 1867 and continued to expand through the next several decades, eventually absorbing the village of Newburg and most of the rest of the township by 1905. The village of Newburgh Heights was incorporated in 1904, although it has since been reduced in area significantly. Today, Newburg Township is divided between four cities and three villages: Brooklyn Heights, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga Heights, Garfield Heights, Newburgh Heights, and Shaker Heights.