Place:Buffalo, Noble, Ohio, United States

Alt namesGibeon (Post Office)
Glenwood (Post Office)
Mount Zion (Post Office)
Coordinates39.8667°N 81.5167°W
Located inNoble, Ohio, United States     (1851 - )
Also located inGuernsey, Ohio, United States     (1810 - 1851)
See alsoOlive, Noble, Ohio, United StatesChild township
Spencer, Guernsey, Ohio, United StatesChild township
Contained Places
Mount Zion Lutheran Cemetery


Township of Buffalo

Buffalo is a township in the county of Noble, state of Ohio, United States of America. It is bordered by the townships of Wayne to the northeast, Seneca to the east, and Center and Noble to the south. To the west and north Buffalo is bordered by Guernsey County and its townships of Spencer, Valley, and Richland.


The newly formed county of Guernsey was organized on 23 April 1810 with five civil townships, but on 5 June 1810 a petition was presented to the commissioners to have another township set off. The petition was granted and the township of Buffalo was erected. An election was ordered at the house of Jacob Jordan, near Hiramsburg, on 23 June, for the purpose of choosing two justices of the peace and other township officers.

As initially constituted, the township included a large territory, but the erecting of new townships greatly reduced it so that in 1830 Buffalo embraced only township 8 of range 9 of the original survey. On 3 June 1816, it was ordered that the new township of Olive should be set off; in March 1819 the township of Spencer was set off from the west end of Buffalo. In 1851 Buffalo was taken from Guernsey County when Noble County was erected.


On 1 May 1851 the commissioners of Noble County altered and established the township's boundaries, making them as follows:

Commencing for the same at the southeast corner of section 36 in township 8 of range 9; thence north along said township line to the northeast corner of section 13 in said township and range; thence west along the section line to the northwest corner of section 18 in said township and range; thence south along said township line to the southwest corner of section 31 in said township and range; thence east along the said township line to the place of beginning—containing twenty-four sections.

Inhabited Places

Buffalo Township does not have any incorporated places.

Named places within the township:—

Site of historical Glenwood Post Office (established on 26 Sept. 1873, discontinued on 15 Nov. 1932); historical Glenwood School; historical Glenwood Station (railroad).
Mount Zion 
Site of historical Mount Zion Post Office (established as Gibeon P.O. on 30 Jan. 1877, changed its name on 13 Feb. 1880, discontinued on 15 June 1904); Mount Zion Lutheran Church and Cemetery.

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