Place:Graydon, Chambers, Texas, United States


Coordinates29.704596°N 94.662366°W
Located inChambers, Texas, United States     (1869 - 1938)
1928 topographic map showing the location of Graydon, Texas.
1928 topographic map showing the location of Graydon, Texas.

Graydon, Texas

Graydon, Texas was a town located in Chambers County on the west bank of the West Fork of Double Bayou. It was located about three miles south of Anahuac, 0.75 miles east of Eagle Road, and directly east of Ash Point on Trinity Bay. Graydon was founded after 1869 by Capt. B. F. Sterling. When the post office opened in 1895, Sterling named it Graydon after his grandson Graydon Elton Barrow. The post office, the Graydon school, the Sterling store, the Stines store, and a shipping business were located in the town. Around 1900, a large number of settlers, many from the state of Kansas, moved into the Graydon area. However, during the 1910s, a hurricane, a severe freeze, and the economic effects of World War I, devastated the economy of the town. The post office closed in 1919, and the school closed by 1938. There is nothing left of the town of Graydon today.