Place:Eastman Cemetery in Bartlett Memorial Forest, Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States

NameEastman Cemetery in Bartlett Memorial Forest
Coordinates43.11347°N 71.08809°W
Located inNottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Also located inRockingham, New Hampshire, United States    

This small private family cemetery still resides on privately held land, off McCrillis road. While the cemetery proper is on private land, the surrounding property is essentially conservation land (allowing for timber harvest) owned by The New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF). This particular reservation being designated The General Bartlett Memorial Forest. The Forestry Foundation has kindly reported that, "The land was deeded to NEFF in 1961 by Brainard Mears. He reserved the cemetery and a right of way to it, to George O. Eastman...That lot was deeded to Brainard Mears by Elisa Stevens in 1954."

The cemetery itself is not known to have a name, but is being tentatively called "Eastman" as that is the last known owners name.

The dimensions of the cemetery are roughly 25 paces square. The cemetery has been largely reclaimed by the surrounding forest. Several stones are either fallen or near to falling due to adjacent grave subsidence. In other situations there is evidence of subsidence with field stone or no marking at all. Some flat field stones with no evidence of inscription. Other monuments are typical manufactured items.

An informal survey on 8 November 2007, combined with existing genealogical research, shows the following interments:

Charles C Tuttle - 8 May 1844 - 11 Feb 1916; 11th NH Volunteer Infantry; second husband of Mary F Stilson.
Mary F Stilson - abt 1840 - 10 Jan 1914; Widow of Omri K Eastman (11th NH Volunteer Infantry, killed in front of Petersburg, interred at City Point National Cemetery); Mother of Adaetta Eastman and George Omri Eastman.
George Sullivan - abt 1834 - aft 1870; First husband of Elizabeth Willey; Company A, 10th NH Volunteer Infantry; Four Daughters w/Elizabeth - Georgia Ann, Olive G, Ida Jane, Ella D.
Patrick Conley - abt 1834 - 1913; Originated Ireland; second husband of Elizabeth Willey, no children apparent.
Elizabeth Willey - abt 1841 - aft 1920; While noted on the Conley Memorial, and having her prior deceased husband (George Sullivan) here, her DoD was never enscribed. She may not be present.
Jacob Hill Tuttle - 11 Jan 1795 - 21 Dec 1872; Grandfather of Charles C
Walter N Eastman - 28 Oct 1892 - 18 Mar 1893; Son of George Omri Eastman and Effi Langley; Grandchild of Omri K Eastman and Mary F Stilson
Adeline French - 1818 - 1893; Mother of Mary F Stilson.
Addie May Blaisdell (25 Feb 1875 to 24 June 1892)
Edmund Parker Blaisdell (9 Dec 1848 - 14 Oct 1889) and Adaetta M (Eastman) Blaisdell (18 Dec 1857 - 19 Apr 1881), husband and wife, parents of Eugenia A, William F, Addie May, and Daniel Henry

Image:Tuttle_Joseph-his_monument.jpg Image:Tuttle Joseph-fieldstone enscription.jpg

The fieldstone marker for Joseph Tuttle is hard to attribute, as there are two possibilities known to have lived and died in Nottingham: Joseph Sherburne Tuttle (brother of Jacob Hill Tuttle) and Joseph Burley Tuttle (son of Joseph Sherburne Tuttle). Both are likely interred here.

Image:Gar post 146 marker in Nottingham.jpg

A GAR post marker in a cemetery with two veteran interred is common enough. Oddly however, the marker is not obviously adjacent to either of the veteran burials. Moreover, there was no "Post 146" in New Hampshire.

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