Place:Dale City, Guthrie, Iowa, United States


NameDale City
Located inGuthrie, Iowa, United States

Dale City had a store, school house, church, post office, creamery, and blacksmith shop all going for it at one time. I have heard no ministers names mentioned who preached here in the church. Two school teachers mentioned were Lela Stringer and Beulah Phillips. The woolen mill was built in 1858 by John Lonsdale, born in Yorkshire, England in 1818. He had learned the weaving trade from his father but came to America in 1841. John lived in various states and places, still working at the weaving trade, until finally coming to Guthrie County and to the South Raccoon River location as being suitable for power for the woolen factory which was Section 7, lots 7 and 8 in Jackson Township. Here he set up a dwelling house in 1856. In 1858 he built the woolen mill, and a smaller dwelling for the man who run the mill. [Article was taken from Guthrie County An Illustrious Past A Great Future, written by Blanche Severin]

1882 Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory: Dale City, Guthrie Dale City. Lies on the South Coon river, in Guthrie county, 8 miles south of Panora and 7 north of Stuart, on the I. div. Population 100. Mail, daily. John Lonsdale, postmaster M. Boots, general store Evans, J, book agent Evans, J K, physician Graham Rev G J (U Brethren) Kenworthy & McPherson, live stock Longshore Rev S F (U Brethren) Lonsdale J & Sons, Woolen Mills Williams & Sons, blacksmiths