Place:Creek Agency, Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States

NameCreek Agency
Alt namesOld Creek Agency
TypeInhabited place
Coordinates35.78689°N 95.43054°W
Located inMuskogee, Oklahoma, United States     (1851 - abt 1885)
Also located inCreek Nation, Indian Territory, United States    
Map showing the location of Creek Agency
Map showing the location of Creek Agency

Creek Agency

Creek Agency was a town located in the eastern section of the Creek Nation in Indian Territory, in what is today Muskogee County, Oklahoma. It was just northwest of the city of Muskogee at the foot of Fern Hill. The township is still known as Agency. The town was the location of the Creek Indian Agency headquarters until 1874.

The town was founded about 1851 after the agency headquarters moved west to this site near the Arkansas River. It was mostly inhabited by Lower Creek (Muscogee) Indians. In addition to the agency headquarters, the town had stores, a post office, and the first Masonic lodge in Indian Territory, chartered on 9 Nov 1855 as Muscogee Number 93.

Several battles between Indian nations taking opposite sides in the Civil War occurred near the town. These included skirmishes in Oct 1861, 6-19 May 1863, 15 Oct 1863, and 25 Oct 1863 After the war, the area became a major settlement area for Creeks of African descent who had been freed from slavery.

In 1874, the Five Civilized Tribes merged under one agency, known as the Indian Union Agency. The new agency headquarters was located in the newly founded town of Muskogee on Agency Hill. Today that agency building houses a museum dedicated to the Five Civilized Tribes.


The old Agency cemetery is located 1.5 miles east of the site of Creek Agency.

GPS Location: N 35 47.440, W 95 24.048