Place:Barton Ridge, Summers, West Virginia, United States

NameBarton Ridge
Alt namesForest Hill, Monroe, Virginia
Forest Hill, Summers, West Virginia,
TypeFarming area
Coordinates37.65°N 80.867°W
Located inSummers, West Virginia, United States     (1835 - 1946)
See alsoMonroePre Civil War
SummersAfter Civil War
Summers, West Virginia, United StatesAfter War
Contained Places
Inhabited place
Beech Springs ( 1871 - )

Barton Ridge was an area of Forest Hill, Summers, West Virginia that was populated for a very short time after the Revolution War 1835 to 1946 by United States citizens. The land was patented to two men. Frances Farley who recieved his patent of 15 October 1786, signed by Patrick Henry, the orator and Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and James Barton's patent of 1 march 1810 also From the Commonwealth of Virginia. These may have been given for service in the Revolution War but as of yet no documention to that fact is found. James barton bought land after arriving in the Forst hill area this included 80 acres from the patent land of Frances Farley. The Family lived on the land from the 1830's til 1946 when the Federal Government bought the land to complete the Blueriver Dam Project and it was flooded by the completion of the dam.

Forest Hill, Summers, West Virginia, United States