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Possible Conflicting Data [13 February 2011]

I do not see where this William Strother is listed as a son on Francis Strother's 1751 Will. See Family:Francis Strother and Susanna Dabney (1) for transcription of the will. Therefore, lack of sources for this record does cause doubt and sources should be found before accepting the record.

Another son, John is mentioned in the early part of the Will but also did not inherit. So possibly both John and William had been deeded land earlier. Neither John nor William is mentioned in the list of "my said eight children" but possibly these eight were to receive the residue after the others had rec'd the major lands. Research needed here.

Ancestry of American Presidents (William is Zachary Taylor's grandfather) lists Francis as his father. The most relevant citation (they are not broken out) appears to be: "Christy Hawes Bond, Gateway Famlilies: Ancestors and Descendants of Richard Simrall Haes III and Marie Christy Johnson (1994), pp. 339-40, 380-81, 417-19, 442-43 (entire known American ancestry of William Stronther\, the president's maternal grandfather, with nothing further about Susannah Dabney), a summary of, and confirmed by, Thomas McAdory Owen, William Strother of Virginia and His Descendants (1898) (from Publications of the Southern History Association for April, 1898), pp. 27-32, 37-40, 43-45."--Amelia 01:08, 26 July 2009 (EDT)

Update: Land record added to person page in Orange County, Virginia (Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol. 2, Gray, pg. 31) CLEARLY identifies William as son of Francis Strother. -- Delijim - Feb. 2011.