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Greg's Comments

I see that there are three watchers of the page for General William CAMPBELL.

I don't know the other two watchers, so this is by way of introduction. I read the current revised entry and it looks pretty good. The genealogy info at the bottom of the page looks useful, but also slightly misleading....

It currently indicates where he died and that he was buried there. I believe that was accurate, but... I believe they later dug him up and re-buried him at Aspenvale Cemetery, Smyth County, Virginia, USA.

The absence of that info would lead the casual reader to believe that is where his final resting place is. Yes, the article does have a link to Find-A-Grave, but... the source of that genealogy data should probably be updated with a second burial record that indicates Aspenvale Cemetery in VA.

Here's a link to Find-A-Grave for all the Campbell's in Aspenvale Cemetery. It's a small cemetery on privately owned land. There are [only 37 interments] shown at this time.

Here's a link to the Find A Grave entries for just the Campbell's in Aspenvale Cemetery - which should include the General, his wife, and his daughter, his young son, and at least one other Campbell. [Aspenvale Campbell burials]

So... I guess the questions I have are: 1) where does that genealogy info come from (it looks useful!), and... 2) how do we update it to include the "re-burial" info (I bet that wasn't a fun job)

Also... if you are interested in this family, I'd love to hear from you. I don't know that I'm related to this line, but they keep popping up in my research of early Campbell's in the 1700's and 1800's. If nothing else, it's an interesting line to work with. I hope to drive down and see Patrick Henry's estate at Red Hill and Aspenvale Cemetery.

Thanks! Greg Campbell --GregCampbellUSA 12:53, 4 March 2011 (EST)


Hi Greg, I don't think the other watcher on this page is still active. I'm not sure I understand your question regarding the "re-burial". Since it is already listed, there is no need to update this. The information listed is from "History of Southwest Virginia, 1746-1786: Washington County, 1777-1870", by Lewis Preston Summers, pg. 357 (there is a link to the google book site on William's person's page). Since William Campbell died in the 1700's, it is likely that his headstone or other identifying information has disappeared/worn away/stolen, etc. from the graveyard listed, which is very common for older graves that have not been closely monitored by descendants.

I'm not related to William Campbell, but he is included in the "Early Settlers of Augusta County, VA" project, which I started a couple of years ago. If you have any other pertinent information/sources/documentation on William Campbell or his descendants, feel free to update them.

Best regards,


Co-Administrator on WeRelate

Hi Jim,

I think the top part of the page is pretty good - it's this info at the bottom that is inconsistent / incomplete:

▼ Information on William Campbell Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19 Husband's Name William C. CAMPBELL (AFN:H0HX-NC)

Born: 1744 Place: Beverley Manor, Augusta County, Virginia Died: 22 Aug 1781 Place: Rocky Mills, , VA Buried: Aug 1781 Place: Rocky Mills, , VA Married: 1767 Place: Beverly Manor District, Augusta Co., VA

Father: Charles CAMPBELL (AFN:H0HX-QP) Mother: Margaret DOWNEY (AFN:H0HX-RV) Wife's Name

Elizabeth (Betsy) HENRY (AFN:FSD6-2H)

Born: 10 Jul 1749 Place: , Hanover, Virginia Died: 1825 Place: Married: 1767 Place: Beverly Manor District, Augusta Co., VA

Father: John HENRY (AFN:2276-SV) Mother: Sarah WINSTON (AFN:2276-T2) Children 1. Sex Name F Elizabeth CAMPBELL (AFN:H0HX-KT)

Born: 1776 Place: , , VA Died: 1815 Place: , , Lancaster, PA

So I didn't look at it closely enough to figure out if that was just "pasted in" (static, simply edit it...) or... whether it's a dynamic link that retrieves the info from: Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Because if it's linking it dynamically from that source - then... that source needs to be updated to indicate the final resting place.

So the article is correct, the references are correct, but the Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19 info at the bottom is incomplete / misleading.

If I can find the time - I'll try to figure it out and get it fixed.

I probably do have additional info from various other Google Books and things - and I may pop by the courthouse down there to see some original source documents that might help.

Later, Greg


Hi Greg, I added the Familysearch information, but good luck on getting it updated/changed. I don't think they update anything once it gets submitted. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of incorrect things on Familysearch that are sitting there forever.... I'll remove the Familysearch information and replace it with an advisory that there are Familysearch submissions for William Campbell's family. I only include them when there is little other information or sources available, which was the case when I originally added him to WeRelate.



Q's Comments

Greg, Jim

On the reburial question, I presume that what Greg is referring to is the fact that Gen. Campbell died in the field, and was probably buried where he died. Presumably, after the war, his remains were recovered and re-interned in the family cemetery. Interestngly enough, his widow married General Russell of Castles Woods. Russell died away from home as well, but I suspect that his remains were immediately returned for burial to the same Aspenvale burial site where Gen. Campbell was buried. The interesting part of this is that The Cincinnati Society, of which he was a member, later secured permission from the family to rebury him in Arlington. Gen. Campbell wasn't a member of the Cincinnati Society, but was certainly the more famous of the two. I wouldn't be surprized to learn that they had reburied him as well.

Given the importance of Gen. Campbell to the Revolution, we probably need to spend considerably more time on him within the framework of the Tapestry Project. I believe the article on General Russell includes a map of the Aspenvale location. We probably need some graphics relative to King's Mountain, and to the location where he died during the Yorktown campaign. There's bound to be a lot of good paintings showing the actions in which he was engaged. As I understand it (from the letters of Gov. David Campbell of Va to Lyman Draper) no life portraits exist for either him, or his cousin Gen. Arthur Campbell. In anycase, I'll probably spend some time in the near future expanding his bio here. The Wikipedia stuff is fine, but for a person of his importance, I think we need something more thorough going. Q 07:42, 17 July 2011 (EDT)