Person talk:Mary Keeling (4)

Correct parents? [30 November 2014]

The names of her parents were taken from Public Member Trees, where they are given as Thomas Leonard Keeling and Catherine Ball. This appears to be the case of one person's research/assumptions being copied by many others. The 2 given names of the father suggest an attempt to reconcile 2 different pieces of information. My guess would be that her father's name was either known or suspected to be Leonard (her first son was named Leonard Keeling Bradley), and then she was somehow placed in the family of Thomas and Catherine (Ball) Keeling. Since she apparently married in North Carolina, it makes me wonder if she had any connection to the Virginia family at all. She is not listed in the parish records of Christ Church, Virginia, where the first 4 children of Thomas and Catherine (Ball) Keeling/Keiling are listed.--DataAnalyst 16:16, 30 November 2014 (UTC)