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Parents and references [26 May 2014]

This page for Madeleine Francoise LeBlanc appears to have the correct parents listed. The Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records for the marriage of Madeleine Francoise LeBlanc to Francois Giroir list her parents as Jean-Baptiste ("Juan Bautiste, decd.") and Andree LeBourgeois ("Andrea LeBourgeois of Britany, France"). See volume 2 page 364 and 472. The baptism entry for her son Jean Laurent Giroir ("Juan Lorenzo") also confirms his maternal grandparents as "Mat. GP: Juan Bautista LeBlanc & Andrea Bourgeois, Acadians")

The reference cites Madeleine as the daughter of Ursule Braud but she was the step-granddaughter of Ursule Braud. Ursule was the second wife (after Cecile Hebert) of Madeleine Francoise' grandfather Jean-Baptiste LeBlanc.--David Blanchard 05:18, 27 May 2014 (UTC)