Person talk:John Walker (81)

Updates [8 October 2009]

I guess I need to bite the bullet and update the sources on John III. The item about the property on Mudlick (southside of Roanoke) is in error. The network of interconnecting family names makes it look to be correct, but in fact this is a different John Walker. The DOD is probably c 1776, not 1778 as is commnly given. The 1778 DOD is when his will was probated. The wills of several persons are probated at the same time, and this seems to be a bit of "catchup", the timeing of which has more to do with changes in state laws that came into effect on the first of January 1779---has to do with land claims, and what was needed to secure title to land that a deceased parent had settled, but for which title had not yet been secured. Q 13:55, 16 June 2009 (EDT)

Sources [9 October 2009]

Jim, I notice you've added a source "Walker-Kilgore Line by James W. Thompson, pg. 31. - on file". Where is this "on-file" at? Generally, its only useful to include a source that others can get to in order to verify its content. A good place for something like this to be "on-file" at, would be the digital library. On the Mud Lick property, I think this is from Chalkley. On John III's will, we should be able to locate a transcription of same. I'll check. Q 16:45, 8 October 2009 (EDT)

Q, I'll have to check my files, which is what "on-file" refers to. In the meantime, you can delete the reference if you wish. Unfortunately, when gedcoms are imported, the notes in my files are included verbatim, so such notes also show.


Jim--Delijim 22:47, 8 October 2009 (EDT)