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Birth date and children of "Gunsmith" John Walker [16 April 2013]

As you have pointed out the Find-A-Grave entries for John Walker and Elizabeth McCampbell Walker are indeed incorrect. Gunsmith John died in 1994 and Gunstocker John's will clearly states he was dead when the will was written in 1797 so he could not be the John of Cape Girardau who died in 1828. The y-dna data yopu mention speaks to this as well.

I calculated his birth date from the date of his marriage to Elizabeth which was 1780. He was of age and at least 21 years old giving an approximate birth date of about 1758 or so. He certainly could have been born earlier but thirty seems a little to old for a first marriage during this time period.

In regards to the children, they are identified in a deed from Josiah East to his heirs in 1804 (Rockbridge County, Virginia, Bk E: 263-265). The heirs were: Elizabeth, his wife, John Walker, Joseph C. Walker, Andrew Walker, Jennett Walker and James Walker.

The youngest son, James Walker, was probably the James Walker who settled in Macon County, Tennessee, where relatives of Josiah East also settled. This James was 53 in 1850 and 66 in 1860 resulting in a birth year of 1794/97. If he was Gunsmith John's son then the 1694 date is probably the correct one as that was the year John died or at least his estate was probated. Two descendants of this James from different sons have had y-dna testing, I can't recall the exact number of markers but they fell within Group-8.--Prhoton 22:40, 15 April 2013 (EDT)