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Person:John Walker (191) is probably the same person as person:John Walker (216), but the information given for the latter is largely unsupported in the literature. The family line is largely known from a single source (Source:White, 1902), but there seems to be no reason to believe that his full name was "John Alexander Walker" as indicated for John 216. The use of the middle name "Alexander" is a recent addition used by some modern genealogists, but for which there appears to be no supporting evidence. The use of a middle name of any sort for someone of Scottish birth during this timeperiod would be highly unusual. The usage seems to have developed by conflating the names of John Walkers sons John, and Alexander Walker as identified in Source:White, 1902.

Also, while there are historical records for a George Walker in this area about this time period, I've seen no evidence to show that he had a son John. It is possible that John is George's son, but there were other Walkers in Wigtonshire about this time, and there are potentially several candidates for his father. Since George is not used as a given name in the family for the next couple of generations, (again, based on White 1902), he seems like an unlikely candidate for George's father. Q 15:18, 27 February 2010 (EST)