Person talk:John Shaw (9)

Death date? [10 June 2009]

Death date of 24 OCT 1694 in Middleborough, with source MySource:Jbernard/D./P.O.B.: 4 or 24 Oct 1694 (29 Jun 1993 CompuServe message from Jack Hilton)., was removed and replaced with estimate in agreement with NEHGR 151:261, "John Shaw of Plymouth Colony", as well as The Great Migration Begins Study. First, 24 Oct 1694 happens to be the death date of John's daughter Abigail, so it appears to have been used here by error. Second, he was missing from lists on inhabitants in 1668 and 1670, and unaware of any evidence of him in the long interval between then and his alleged death in 1694. So to support the removed death date, detailed evidence should be given. --Jrich 12:28, 10 June 2009 (EDT)