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Porter vs. Paul [25 March 2012]

Can you explain in easy terms what this means?

Suit brought by William and John Porter JR. and concerns the deed of John Paul Jr. and do you know what the settlement was?

This concerns my ancestors John Porter Sr. who married Hannah Dobbs. John Porter Sr.'s will was drawn March 18, 1794 but I have not been able to find a copy of his will which was filed for Probate 1805. He died before 1804. John Porter Jr. mentioned here was his son.

John Paul Jr. married Nancy Agnes Porter and she died before her father, John Porter SR. The William named in suit could have been his Sr.'s brother b. 1735 or John Jr.'s brother.

Wm.Porter Sr. b. 1710 or before various listings say 1704-1707. Died 1782 in Rockbridge Co.Goshen VA. Wm.Jr. b. 1735-40 died Rockbridge, Goshen, VA 1804. married Mary Bowen.

John Porter b. 1730 s/o Wm.Sr. had a son John who married Hannah Dobbs b. 1732. He had a son named John Porter Jr. b.1775 who is said to have married Sarah Jane Summers b.1775 and son William who married Esther McCorkle. He had a daughter Jane who married John Wilson and a daughter Nancy Agnes who married John Paul Jr.

Their is a mention of a John and Mary Daily(Daley)selling land to John PorterSr. in 1766 for some acreage on Hart's Bottom which adjoins land that said John now lives on. Small island in river is mentioned. I found this in Chalkley's Chronicles. I have always wondered why Wm.Porter Sr. mentioned no land left to his son John in his will, only a horse and saddle etc. Could it be that John had already been given some land by his father? There was a parcel not mentioned in his will but was mentioned in William Jr.'s will. At that time, John Sr. had already died. Can find no mention any of his land passing on to John Sr.'s son, John Jr. b. 1775. William Jr.'s wife Mary Bowen sold this land to Strickler in 1810 and with her sons migrated to Tennessee. Any help you can give me in this would be very much appreciated.--RBH 19:49, 25 March 2012 (EDT)