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[7 April 2009]

copy of the settlement of his Estate, from an ephemeral source that gave no original source:

Page 249 Esther McSpadden Admrx

A true Inventory of the Property once belonging to John McSpadden now deceased. One Negro woman, to four head of horses, to twenty head of cattle, to twelve sheep, to thirty two hogs, to twenty four geese, to sixteen Ducks, to one waggon & gear, to two ploughs ofixing, to one gun shot pouch & Powder horn, to three beds & beds & covering, to four spinning wheels, & one reel, to one chest, to seven chairs & Table, three pots, one kettle, one oven, to one churn & five pails, one cooler, one washing tup, to two flat Irons Page 250 To one coffee mill, to glapses & Bottles, to three bee hives, to four tubs, to pewter & earthen ware, to Carpenter's tools, to his clothes, to saddles to one bridles, to three pair pot hooks, one iron crook, to one half Dozen ting, one quart, to one Loom & gears, slooking glaps. to scythes & Sickles, to Books.

Esther McSpadden, Adm

Sales of said McSpadden's Estate Dollars John Donald to one broad ax 2.00 Samuel Lyle to four chissels 1.00 Abedness Inman to Jointer crease & chissel 1.00 John Blackburn to a bed plane .50 Esther McSpadden to chissels .50 John Carson to 3 plane bits & a chissel 1.00 Esther McSpadden to ploughs & hoes 6.50 to one wheel .50 Do to one wheels rest 2.50 to two beds & bedsteads 12.00 John Donalds to one bed & bed clothes 22.00 Esther McSpadden to one Negro woman 290.00 to scythes & sickles 2.00 to two pots & one oven 5.00 to chest 8.00 to one cupboard with Sundries 20.00

page 251

to one Table & Chairs 2.00 Thomas McSpadden to one gun 14.25 John Papers to one gun 9.00 Esther McSpadden to three cows 3.50 to one pot .75 to one Kettle 6.00 to three bee hives 5.50 Andrew McCuistion to one cow 10.50 Esther McSpadden to one saddle 1.00 to one other saddle 2.50 to two smoothing Irons, one hackle 1.75 James Willson to one heifer 10.00 Matthew Donald to one stear 5.25 ditto to one heifer 8.75 Abednegs Inman to one heifer 6.66 2/3 James McSpadden to one Bull & heifer 9.50 Esther McSpadden to one bull calf 2.16 2/3 John McSpadden to one cow 12.00 Esther McSpadden to four cows 50.00 Ditto to Eight Sheep 15.25 Ditto to Geese & Ducks 9.50 Joseph Coons to one waggon 53.75 Samuel Carson to one mare 81.00 Esther McSpadden to one mare 56.00 to one other mare 41.00 Thomas McSpadden to one horse 39.00 Esther McSpadden to Chains & Bell 6.00 James McSpadden to one colt 33.00 Esther McSpadden to one loom & log chain 4.00 Ditto to Barrel and tub 2.00 Ditto to Hogs 10.00 Ditto to calves 10.00 ______

Returned Jan's 1799 $995.08 2/3

Page 252

We John Blackburn, Abednegs Inman and Thomas Snoddy, appointed by the worshopful Court of Jefferson County to settle with Esther McSpadden, Administratrix of the Estate of John McSpadden deceased, Do find that the whole amount of the sales were six hundred and twenty nine Dollars and sixty six Cents--------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- D C 629.66 The demands against the Estate ) amount to Three hundred and ) ninety one Dollars & Seventy ) three Cents. All paid only fifty ) Dollars to be paid to Jonny Paterson) Walker------------------------------------------) 391.73 _______

And that the balance due the Estate ) after reducting the 391.73 from the ) 629.66 amounts to Two hundred ) and thirty seven Dollars and ninety ) three Cents, remaining in the hands ) of the Administratrix 237.93

Witness our hands this 16th Day of April in the year 1805.

Jn Blackburn ABed Inman Thos Snoddy J.P.--Q 21:22, 7 April 2009 (EDT)