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Probably wrong John Jackson [15 August 2009]

I have removed this from the person page because I don't think it is the right person. Please comment if you can shed some light on this. John Jackson was William Brocas's heir and survived him. This appears to be a probate for a John Jackson's will and William Brocas is present on the council.

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine
vol XXII, no 2 (October 1913), pg 77 "Notes from the Records of York County"
25th day of April, 1639, Rob' Bouth is clerk. Att a cort holden att James Citty the 5th day of March, 1640 (1641). Present: Sir Francis Wyatt, Kn' Governor, Cap' John West Mr George Minifey, Cap' Wm Peirce, Cap' Wm Brocas, Mr Roger Wingate, Mr Ambrose Harmer. John Jackson's will—wife Ann Jackson, son Henry Jackson. Signed John Jackson, X his mark. Dated 22 Oct., 1640.
--Judy (jlanoux) 15:55, 15 August 2009 (EDT)