Person talk:Jesse Jackson (24)


Some type of error here? [16 June 2013]

There appears to be some type of error regarding Jesse Jackson, as he was unlikely to be the son of Mary Lively Rushing (born est 1726/27) if he was born between 1775 and 1784. Mary Lively Rushing could not have been born much later (she had a son about 1740), so either Jesse was born before 1775 (and the source for the birth year range, likely a census record, is incorrect), or Jesse was not Mary Lively Rushing's son. While, theoretically, it is not impossible that Mary Lively Rushing had a child when she was 13 or 14 and another when she was 48 or 49, I have never seen a (correct) span of 35 years in the births of the children of one woman.--DataAnalyst 10:06, 16 June 2013 (EDT)