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From Jan Annes (2): Jan Annes van der Ley [14 October 2012]

In akte A12 some things are too different :

No mention of Dieuwke Murks as wife, but Lijsbert Johans. Other birthplace : Finkum No mentioning of the occupation Chirurgijn.

I think there is a mix up.--cabrioot 11:14, 4 September 2012 (EDT)

It seems this death date actually belongs to Person:Jan Van Der Ley (1). --Jennifer (JBS66) 12:56, 4 September 2012 (EDT)

> seeing that page, the children and wife's name ( checked some more on ) I'm pretty sure you're right about that...

Oops, sorry about that. I'll move the reference. Do we expect a post-1811 overlijden akte for this Jan Annes? --Pkeegstra 16:05, 4 September 2012 (EDT)

> no, there is no mention about any other jan annes van der leij's death after 1811 in the known databases. ( neither in the older ... )

I saw another Jan Annes in Vrowenparochie in 1809. But no mention that he was van der Lei. (So I expect that is just a curious coincidence.) --Pkeegstra 16:41, 4 September 2012 (EDT)

For evidence that the spouses of Dieuke Murks and Lijsbert Johannes Leistra are the same person, see the Memories de Successie for Hein Jans Leistra (van der Leij) quoted on his page. His stepmother Dieuke is not named, but all his surviving half-siblings are.

--Pkeegstra 07:35, 14 October 2012 (EDT)

From Jan Annes (2): Information about Jan Annes from my talk page [23 September 2012]

Below is a copy of a message that Jvdleij left on my talk page --Jennifer (JBS66) 15:07, 23 September 2012 (EDT)

Hello Jennifer. I have a research booklet that says Jan Annes (christened 25 Dec 1746 and died 6 June 1811) married Dieuwke Murks, daughter of Murk Rienks and Hilte Gerrits on 16 March 1766. She died on 3 Jan 1781. He was the first to have taken the surname Van der Leij. They had 10 children. He then remarried Lijsbeth Johannes (Leistra), daughter of Johannes Haijes and Minke Heins, on 22 July 1781. She died 5 March 1842 in Hallum. They had 11 children. Jan Annes is said to have had 21 children in Hijum, Finkum, Oude Leije, Vrouwen Parochie. This Jan Annes is the son of Anne Jacobs. Anne Jacobs christened 11 Jan 1711 in Finkum, first married Lijsbeth Tjipkes of Stiens on 18 Feb 1725. They had no children. His second wife was Foekje Alberts, christened 6 Feb 1718 in Finkum. She was the daughter of Albert Jans nd Aattje Pijbes. Annes Jacobs apparently adopted a surname - Balkeindstra because on his marriage certificate and at christening of his children he is know as Anne Jacobs Balkeindstra. He must have died before 1766 because Foekje remarried Rienk Jans chirigin op de Leije on 19 Jan 1766. They had no children.Annes Jacobs and Foekje Alberts had 8 children, one of which was Jan Annes chirstened 25 Dec 1746 and who died 6 June 1811. Anne Jacobs christened 1711 was the son of Jacob Annes of Finkland who married Wijpck Willems, daughter of Willem Thijssen en Riemke Gerbens on 28 July 1671 in Finkum. They also had a daughter called Wijpck (christened 2 Aug 1714) who married Roelof Claasses fro, allum on 15 may 1740. Their children took the surname Lettinga. I hope this helps to add to the tree. Regards, Jenny van der Leij--Jvdleij 07:51, 23 September 2012 (EDT)

More information about Jan van der Ley [22 July 2014]

User:Jvdleij left the following information on my talk page about Jan & family:

Hello Jennifer. I have been looking at our family pages and have some information that will need researching and corroborating.

Jan Annes van der Leij 1746 – 1811 First wife Dieuke Murks. She was the daughter of Murk Rienks and Hiltje Gerrits. She was born on 4 Jan 1793 in Hijum and died on 3 Jan 1781. They had 10 children.

Jan Annes remarried shortly after on 22 July 1781. His second wife Lijsbeth Johannes (Leistra) was the daughter of Johannes Haijes and Minke Heins who farmed in Wester Nijkerk and where she was born and christened on 19 Feb 1764. She died in Hallum on 5 March 1842 at the age of 78. There were 11 children but this was hard to trace as very few were christened.

Jan Annes was one of 8 children born to Anne Jakobs (Jacobs) (christened 11 Jan in Finkum)and his second wife Foekje Alberts (christened 6 Feb 1718 in Finkum). Foekje was the daughter of Albert Jansen and Aattje Pijbes. The first wife was Lijsbeth Tjipkes of Stiens whom Anne Jacobs married on 18 Feb 1725. They had no children.

Anne Jakobs (Jacobs) adopted the surname of Balkeindstra reflected on his marriage certificate and on the christening documents of his children. His occupation is given as "Ontvanger van Florenen". He must have died before 1766 because Foekje remarried on 19 Jan 1766 Rienk Jans Chirurgin op de Leije. They had no children.

Anne Jacobs had a sister Wijpck (christened 26 Aug 1714) who married Roelof Claasses, a farmer from Hallum, on 15 May 1740. Their children took the surname Lettinga.

Anne Jacobs and Wijpck were the children of Jacob Annes (Finkland) birthplace unknown, married on 28 July 1671 in Finkum to Wijpck Willems (christened 24 Sept 1682 in Finkum). Wijpke died before 1725, maybe in childbirth.

This is quite a mouthful and comes from a booklet entitled "Het Geslacht Van Der Leij en enkele mededeelingen, die er mee annex zijn, verzameld door SJ Hoogland, rustend landbouwer te Leeuwarden. No bibliographic details.

I hope this helpful in adding and completeing some of the pages. I want to start adding photos as well. Kind regards, Jenny van der Leij--Jvdleij 11:30, 22 July 2014 (UTC)--Jennifer (JBS66) 15:56, 22 July 2014 (UTC)