Person talk:James Walker (126)

Source for Date of Death? [2 October 2011]

Does anyone know what the source for the death date given here? White does not list a death date for either James. There is an Estate Appraisel for a James Walker dated 16 Aug 1787 in Rockbridge Co, VA Will Book 1:307. I thought it might belong to this James but now I'm not so sure.--Prhoton 01:09, 2 October 2011 (EDT)

Note the "?" besides the vita. Virtually nothing has been documented for this particular card. That's probably the case with the majority of entries on WeRelate, at least at the moment. The ultimate goal is to document everything with original source documentation. The absence of documentation is usually noted with a "?". Though you sometimes see indirect sources here (e.g., "Bob's Big Gedcom") such sources are typically unrevistable, and unverifiable; there's a tendency to scrub them out as essentially useless. If there's anything that you can document here then that would be appreciated. Even a rationale why the date should be approximately "XYZ" is helpful. I've been known to create short (and sometimes long, articles to explain why I think someone died on a certain date, and not on others. Even an approixmation of the date, soundly reasoned, is better than nothing---and those who come after may see the reasoning, and be able to improve on it with additional information. Q 18:29, 2 October 2011 (EDT)