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Generation 1 President James Buchanan's great great great grandfather was George Buchanan, of Blairlusk, born 1648, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. He inherited Blairlusk in 1662 from his father. In 1674 he sold Blairlusk to his brother William when he moved to Deroran, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. He married Elizabeth Mayne in 1675 and had 4 known sons: John of Tyrone, William of Tyrone, George of Munster, and Thomas of Donegal.

Generation 2 John Buchanan, of Tyrone, born in 1676, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. In 1703 he married Catherine Black and they had three known sons (not listed in Figure 1) and probably as least more daughters whose names have escaped us over the generations. His known sons were John, Samuel and Thomas. Many generations of descendants for these 3 sons are well know and will be the subject of a future article. William Buchanan, of Tyrone was born circa 1677 in Co. Tyrone, Ireland. He married Jean and had several children. The exact number has ranged from 10-13, depending on which source you choose to follow. The 13 children are: Patrick, Robert, William, Arthur, Walter, Jeanette, John, George, James, Thomas. Margaret, Andrew and a daughter (name unknown), all born in Ireland. William and Jean are the ancestors of the Buchanans of Meadville, PA, and early settlers in Cumberland, Crawford, York, and Adams Counties in PA, some of whom went into NY, OH, and as far south as MO. Their descendants will be the subject of a future article. George Buchanan, of Munster was born circa 1678, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. George was the ancestor of some Buchanans in Louisville, KY, including a George and Andrew Buchanan, both in Louisville in 1857. How exactly they descend from George is unknown. Thomas Buchanan, of Donegal (or sometimes referred to as Thomas, of Rathmelton) was born in 1680, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. He supposedly married Jean Buchanan (allegedly a cousin). This marriage is alleged by only one source and is subject to scrutiny. Thomas and Jean had 3 verified children: William Alexander, Thomas, of Fawn Twp., and Robert Alexander See generation 3 below for descendants. Many have tried to add their ancestors as children of this couple, but have offered no proof. A George, Samuel and Elizabeth are 3 such speculative children.

Generation 3 William Alexander Buchanan was born circa 1698 Co. Donegal, Ireland. He has also been referred to as William, Alexander and Alexander William. He married an unknown woman and had at least 2 children: John, and Jane. Some have tried to include a James Buchanan (who married a Jane Prindle) and a George Buchanan (who married Esther Campbell) and a Robert Alexander. Both James are George are highly speculative and unlikely. No proof has ever been offered to support these claims. Robert Alexander was his brother, not his son. See generation 4 for information on descendants. Thomas Buchanan, of Fawn Twp. was born circa 1700, Co. Donegal, Ireland. He settled in Fawn Twp., PA and had several issue. Robert Alexander Buchanan, born circa 1702, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married Catherine McDonnell and had: James, Margaret, Robert Alexander Jr., Thomas. William, and George. The first 4 children were born in Ireland, the last 2 were born in NY. In 1837 they moved to Wallkill Valley, Ulster/Orange Co., NY. Some have speculated that Robert Alexander belongs in another section of the tree. Some have placed in as a son of William Alexander above. Most of the evidence supports his placement here.

Generation 4 John Buchanan was born in 1716, Co. Donegal, Ireland. John married circa 1750 Jane Russell and had 12 children: Sarah, William, Catherine, Samuel, Thomas, Elizabeth, James, John, Archibald, George, Robert and Margaret. Jane Russell has been incorrectly referred to as Jane Trindle Russell. This is a confusion with a Jane Trindle who married a John Buchanan and settled in TN. They are 2 distinct and separate lines. Some children listed here are speculative (Elizabeth, Catherine, Archibald, George and Robert) and have no support other than 1 source who makes the claim. See generation 5 for details on their descendants Jane Buchanan, born circa 1720, married Thomas Hays.

Generation 5 Sarah Buchanan, born 1752, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married William Morrison and had issue. William Buchanan, born 1753, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married Elizabeth McCrea and had George, Robert, Samuel, John, Alexander, Mary and William. Many of these children's descendants came to the US. Catherine Buchanan, born circa 1755, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married first a man named Houston (first name unknown) and married second a man named McClelland (first name unknown). Samuel Buchanan, born circa 1757, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married in 1790 Sarah Kirkwood and had John and 4 other children (names unknown). Thomas Buchanan, born 1759, married an unknown woman and had at least one child Thomas. Elizabeth Buchanan, born 10 DEC 1760, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married James Moore and had issue. There is only one source that includes Elizabeth as a daughter of John Buchanan and Jane Russell. James Buchanan, born 1761, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married Elizabeth Speer and had: Mary, James (President of the US), Jane, Maria, Sarah, Elizabeth E., Harriet E., John, William Speer, George Washington, and Edward Young. It has been alleged that James, prior to his marriage to Elizabeth Speer, was married to a Mary Jane Edmonstone and had a son George born in 1782. This same source alleged this marriage was in Ireland before James came to the US. This first marriage is unproven and no real documentation has been provided. See generation 6 for information on descendants. John Buchanan, born 1763, Co. Donegal, Ireland. John took over the family farm in Ireland. His wife's name is subject to some debate. Some sources claim his wife was Hannah Campbell, others claim Margaret Hay, others have claimed his was Nellie Reid, and still others have offered other names, which have been eliminated from contention. The number and names of his children have also been the subject of some debate. They have been known to include all or some of the following: James, and unknown son that allegedly married into the "Big Reid" family (perhaps his son John or William), Samuel, William, John, Mary and Hannah. Robert Buchanan, born circa 1767, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married Sarah Brown and had several children: David, James, William, Robert, a daughter (name unknown), Sarah (Sally), and 2 other daughters (names unknown). Roberts inclusion as a son of John Buchanan and Jane Russell was reported by only one source. Archibald Buchanan, born circa 1764, Co. Donegal, Ireland, was likely unmarried. George Buchanan, born circa 1766, Co. Donegal, Ireland, was likely unmarried. Margaret Buchanan, born circa 1769, Co. Donegal, Ireland, and was likely unmarried. They are all only reported by one source.

Generation 6 Mary Buchanan, born 1789, Franklin Co., PA, and died young. James Buchanan, President of the United States, born 23 APR 1791, Franklin Co., PA, and was unmarried. Jane Buchanan, born 1793, Franklin Co., PA, married Elliott Lane and had issue. Maria Buchanan, b 1795, Franklin Co., PA, married 3 or 4 times, the exact order of marriages in unclear: Jesse Magaw; Thomas Johnson, Charles Yates, and Jacob Fronk. Issue from some marriages are known. Sarah, born 1798, Franklin Co., PA, married James Johnston Houston and had issue. Elizabeth E. Buchanan, born 1760, married Hugh Ferguson. This marriage is confirmed by only one source. Harriet E. Buchanan, born 1802, Franklin Co., PA, married Robert Henry and had issue. John Buchanan, born 1804, Franklin Co., PA, likely unmarried. William Speer Buchanan (b 1805, Franklin Co., PA, unmarried. George Washington Buchanan, born 1811, Franklin Co., PA, unmarried. Edward Young Buchanan (Reverend ), born 1811, Franklin Co., PA, was the only male sibling of President Buchanan’s to have issue. Edward Young married Ann Foster and had: James, Charlotte Foster, Annie Elizabeth Speer, Harriet, Edward Young Jr. , Henrietta Jane, Maria Lois, William Foster, Ridley and Alice Conyngham. See generation 7 for information on these descendants.

Generation 7 (not included in Figure 1) James Buchanan, born 1834 married Florence Myers in 1868. He served as President Buchanan’s private secretary. Edward Young Buchanan, Jr., born 1843, married Agnes Scott in 1870, and had: James, Agnes Foster (who married Dr. Daniel Crosby) and Henrietta Jane. Maria Lois Buchanan, born 1847, married Alexander Johnston Cassatt and had issue. Alice Conyngham Buchanan, b 1853, married Maskell Ewing, and has issue. Charlotte Foster Buchanan, born 1836, unmarried. Annie Elizabeth Speer Buchanan, born 1838, unmarried. Harriet Buchanan, born 1841, unmarried.