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Cleanup [4 July 2012]

I really need to go back and rework these older, imported pages. Just glancing through this I see there's a lot of retuning that's needed. Q 10:14, 4 July 2009 (EDT)

Bell Connection? [4 July 2012]

Noted your comment on Ann's page, as follows: The will of John Walker is recorded in Washington Co., dated September 23, year not given, but 1778 presumed, and probated on November 17, 1778, shows him as having two sons, John and Samuel Walker, a grandson William Walker, (perhaps the very one taken captive with Ann Cowan), and six (6) daughters, names not given, and a granddaughter Ann Bell.

Do "we" know anything about the parents of Ann Bell? Just wondering if that would help me track down parents of the Rev. Aaron Alexander Bell?

You might want to post this on the "notebook" page you said you were going to set up for the Bell info I'd sent. (Where can I find that "notebook" page?)

Many thanks for your efforts.--cowantex 11:41, 4 July 2012 (EDT)

Hi Margie
Yes, we know Ann's parents---thanks to the work of Dan Welch. I didn't initially believe this, but Dan persisted and was able to gather enough information together to substantiate this. See Person: Catherine Walker (20) for a discussion of this. The story line might be a bit hard to adapt to, but given the nature of White's information about this family, I've come to accept Dan's view---to the point where I consider this virtually proven. The next stage in the evolution of this problem will be to trace the ancestry of Ann Bell's father. I'm guessing that he's in the Bell line in Old Augusta, but this has not yet been worked. It might indeed help you track down your Rev. Aaron Bell, though I think he's a bit later? But by tracking him we may have a device to start focusing on the larger Bell community in that area. Looking systematically at ALL of the Bell's in Old Augusta would, I think, reveal the holes in family history, the "got that one wrong" kinds of things, and eventually give us a verified framework which we can place Bells for whom the connection has not been established. That's the way its working on other lines being explored in the tapestry...notably the recent work on the Maxwells. Q 19:31, 4 July 2012 (EDT)