Person:William Wentworth (34)

Elder William Wentworth
  • F.  William Wentworth (add)
  • M.  Susanna Carter (add)
  1. Elder William Wentworth1615/16 - 1697
m. bef 1642
  1. Captain Samuel Wentworth1642 - 1690/91
m. bef 1647
  1. John Wentworthest 1647 -
  2. Gershom Wentworthest 1649 -
  3. Ezekiel Wentworthest 1651 -
  4. Elizabeth Wentworthest 1653 -
  5. Paul Wentworthest 1655 -
  6. Sylvanus Wentworthest 1657 -
  7. Timothy WentworthBef 1671 - Bef 1719
  • HElder William Wentworth1615/16 - 1697
  • WElizabeth Knightbef 1648 - aft 1697
m. bef 1668
  1. Sarah Wentworthest 1666 -
  2. Ephraim Wentworthest 1668 - bef 1748
  3. Benjamin Wentworth1670 - 1728
Facts and Events
Name[1][4] Elder William Wentworth
Gender Male
Christening[2] 15 Mar 1615/16 Alford, Lincolnshire, England
Residence[2][3] 1639 Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United StatesSignatory, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States. Exeter Combination
Marriage bef 1642 to Unknown Unknown
Residence[2] 1642 Wells, York, Maine, United States
Marriage bef 1647 Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child.
to Elizabeth Kenny
Residence[2] 1650 Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
Reference Number? Q8020196?
Marriage bef 1668 Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child.
to Elizabeth Knight
Death[1] 15 Mar 1697 Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States

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William Wentworth (1616-1697) was a follower of John Wheelwright, and an early settler of New Hampshire. Coming from Alford in Lincolnshire, he likely came to New England with Wheelwright in 1636, but no records are found of him in Boston. When Wheelwright was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his role in the Antinomian Controversy, he established the settlement of Exeter, New Hampshire, and Wentworth followed him there and then to Wells, Maine. After Wheelwright left Wells for Hampton, New Hampshire, Wentworth went to Dover, New Hampshire, and this is where he lived the remainder of his life. He was the proprietor of a sawmill, and held several town offices, but is most noted for being an elder in his Dover church for nearly 40 years. He had 11 children with two wives, and has numerous descendants, including many of great prominence.

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For a discussion of his wife or wives, see The Wife Or Wives Of Elder William1 Wentworth.

For a discussion of his children, see The Children Of Elder William1 Wentworth.

It will be seen, by the two transcripts from the Wentworth Genealogy, that information and dates concerning Elder William Wentworth's wife/wives and children are lacking. For the purpose of providing a construct for including all his children in some organized fashion, the following assumptions are made, recognizing that existing record evidence is not adequate to either prove or disprove them.

Wife 1 - Completely unknown; mother of Samuel.
Wife 2 - Elizabeth Kenny; mother of John, Gershom, Ezekiel, Elizabeth, Paul, Sylvanus and Timothy.
Wife 3 - Elizabeth Knight; mother of Sarah (probably), Ephraim and Benjamin.

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    11 Elder William (Wentworth), Dover, ag. ± 54 in Sept. 1670, is consid. the same bp. at Alford, co. Lincoln, 15 Mar. 1615-6, s. of William and Susanna (Carter), gr.s. of Christopher and Katherine (Marbury). In Apr. 1636 Richard Filkin transferred to the trustees of Hansard's Free School the right to the rents of a long list of houses, one of them tenanted by 'Wm. W. or his assigns' in Bilsby (the Wheelwright par.). See English material in the Wentworth Gen.; Harleian Soc. Pub. (Lincolnshire Pedigrees) 52: 1062; Col. Soc. Mass. 11: 61; N. E. Reg. 22: 135. Altho the revised edition of the W. Gen. was pub. 60 yrs. ago, so well was it done that few addi. facts are known. One of a large fam. connection to come over, young William foll. his kinsman Rev. John Wheelwright to Exeter and Wells bef. settling perma. at Dover. He signed the Ex. Comb. and from a ct. rec. and [Exeter Town Records from Dec. 1639 to 17 June 1644] was appar. there in Sept. 1643, but soon at Wells. Tr.j. (Me.) 1647, 1649; gr.j. 1647; Wells constable 1648, and had three grants adj. Edw. Rishworth (See Y. D. 1: 62, 147). Taxed Dover 1650. Selectman 1651, 1657, 1660, 1664, 1665, 1670; moderator; constable, Com. t.e.s.c., lot layer, on important committees, Ruling Elder, and as 'Elder Winford' was made freeman 5. 2m. 1653. His land holdings are listed in the Wentworth Gen., much of it in the present Rollinsford. Preaching at Ex. 1683-1693, but liv. in Dover, where in 1689, altho over 70, he is credited with saving the Heard garrison from the Ind. 'Of Cochecho, now liv. in Ex.' in May 1693; of Dover 27 May 1696. … His 1st unkn. w. had at least one ch.; his last w. Elizabeth Knight was liv. when her fa. made his will 18 Apr. 1687. He d. 15 Mar. 1696-7; inv. by Nathl. and Tristram Heard and Thomas Downes, attested by wid. Elizabeth 4 Apr. 1697. Ch: Samuel (by 1st w.), b. 1641-1642. John, first taxed 1668. His connec. with Wells and the Knight fam. (Y. D. 3: 84) indicates he was son of E. K., who was cert. mo. of Ezekiel, Elizabeth and all the younger ch. Gershom, first taxed 1670. Ezekiel, first taxed 1672. Elizabeth, b. ± 1653, m. 1st James Sharpe(1), m. 2d Richard Tozier, jr. See Y. D. 9: 92. 'New England Captives,' i: 193. Paul, taxed ± 1680. Sylvanus, adult 1684. Timothy, see Y. D. 12: 17. Sarah (appar.), m. 1st Benjamin Barnard, m. 2d Samuel Winch. Ephraim. Benjamin, b. ± 1670.