Person:William Warwick (9)

  1. Martha Warwickest 1708-1713 - 1763
  2. William Warwick1710 - ABT 1764
  3. John Warwickest 1712-1720 - 1801
  4. Jean WarwickABT 1721 - 1758
m. ABT 1735
  1. William Warwick, Jr.abt 1735 - bef 1830
  2. James Warwickabt 1740 - 1821
  3. Maj. Jacob Warwick, of Warm Springs1743 - 1826
  4. John WarwickABT 1745 - 1801
  5. Mary WarwickABT 1755 - AFT 1820
Facts and Events
Name William Warwick
Gender Male
Birth? 1710 England
Marriage ABT 1735 Orange County, Virginiato Elizabeth Dunlap
Death? ABT 1764 Returned to England and was never heard from again

William Warwick was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Annals of Bath County, Virginia:

  • William Warrick (Warwick) acquired 1,060 acres located in or near the "Calfpasture" area of Augusta County, later sold to John Kincaid — $118.67 in 1745. [Source: "Annals of Bath County, Virginia", by Oren F. Morton].
  • William Warrick (Warwick) had a survey "lower down the Jackson River", prior to the following transaction in 1754, listed in Chalkley's:
  • 19th January, 1754, Andrew Lewis entered two 400-acre tracts on Fetter's Creek, a branch of James River, between Adam Dickinson's and the Indian Path; 200 on Warm Spring Mountain, joining the tract formerly Hurden's; three 400-acre branches of James River, near a survey made for William Warwick, and on some of the head branches of ye Back Creek.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 491.--2d April, 1748. £19.18.4. James Patton and John Lewis to James Corolile, 600 acres on Great River of Calfpasture; corner to Jacob Clemens; corner to Wm. Worwick's land; black birch; black oak and thorn. Teste: James Carter, Robert ( ) Bratton, Robert Crockett. Acknowledged, 18th May, 1748.
  • Page 7.--19th January, 1754. Andrew Lewis enters 400 acres on Peters Creek, a branch of James River, between the upper survey of Adam Dickinson's and the Indian Patch, also 200 acres on the Warm Springs mountain joining tract formerly Harden's, etc.; three 400 surveys on head branches of Tames River near a survey made for Wm. Warwick and on some of the head branches of the Back Creek, and Thomas Lewis's 200 acres on the Cow Pasture where John Shaw lives and 200 acres where Harklas Wilson lives, and 200 acres in the Bull Pasture at the foot of the mountain. Robert McClenachan.
  • Page 127.--21st October, 1754. Robert Mean's will - To John McClung. Money in hands of Edward Thomson and Thomas Thomson. To the said Thomas McClung, the note of James Nilly, which is in hands of Thos. Black; wife a keeping, to said John. Teste: James Gay, Jenot Warrick. Proved, 21st November, 1755, by the witnesses; administration granted Thomas Thompson, nephew and heir-at-law of Robert Means, who qualified with sureties Hugh Hicklin and George Wilson. (Note: the Jenot Warrick listed in this record is most likely the one that married James Gay of the Calfpasture. She is listed by some sources as being William Warwick's daughter, but the Jane Warwick that was married to James Gay appears to have been too old to have been William's daughter, so perhaps she is a sister? More research necessary).
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 17, 1762. - (157) Ordered that Michael O'Hara, aged 12, September 1lth last, be bound to Alexander Millroy. Jane Lettimore, servant of Alexr. Stewart. John Stuart, orphan of James Stuart, aged 14, chose Henry Murray his guardian. James Stuart, aged 18, orphan of James Stuart, chose John Hamilton his guardian. Ralph Stuart, aged 15, orphan of James Stuart, chose Robt. Stuart his guardian. Ordered that the following orphans be bound: William Meek to William Warwick, Mary Meek to Andrew Settleton, Martha Meek to James Walker, James Meek to William Wilson, Jane Meek to Moses Moore.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1764 (B). - John Warrick Sertify to eight or nine hogs that Sepn. (?) Wilson killed. Evidences names: William Givens, James Gay, William Warrick, Andrew Singleton, John Warrick. This was transacted in ye year 1758. John McCreery for. (Addressed) Mr. John Warrick, these--

Information on William Warwick

Note: the portion in bold below has been changed from the original source. James Gay's wife, possibly Jean Warwick, was too old to have been a daughter of William Warwick. She is perhaps a SISTER of William, but this is unproven and needs additional research.

William WARWICK saw service during the French and Indian War under Capt. George Wilson - and appears on this Company's Muster Roll of 11 August 1756 as a private. The ever present danger of Indian attack during these years prompted the WARWICK's and other settlers along Jackson's River to retire eastward over Jack Mountain and resettle on the Cowpasture River. William Warwick patented 216 acres there in 1759. His brother John also moved to the Cowpasture at this time and took a three year lease at 4 L (Lira) annually on 149 acres that belonged to James GAY. Mr. GAY had married William's POSSIBLE SISTER Jenot (Jean). Sometime soon after the last move, William WARWICK left the Virginia Frontier bound for England. He never returned.

In 1763-64, his brother John, his POSSIBLE SISTER Janet married to James GAY and another daughter Martha who was married to Major John STEVENSON were killed by the Shawnee.

The WARWICK Brothers of West Virginia

Joseph BELL was made guardian of the WARWICK children - "until William's return". Nineteen year old John WARWICK joined the punitive Boquet Expedition against the Shawnee in 1764 and was awarded 80 acres in 1780 for his services.

In 1779, after the family had been nearly twenty years with no word from William - he was "given up for dead" and Elizabeth DUNLAP WARWICK married long time friend Andrew SITLINGTON. Andrew died 15 April 1804 and Elizabeth was still living on 3December 1805.