Person:William Walling (1)

William Walling
m. BEF 20 MAY 1695
  1. Abigail Walling1697/98 - ABT 1792
  2. Thomas Walling1698/99 - 1747
  3. John Walling1700 - 1770
  4. William Walling1701 - ABT 1791
  5. Mary Walling1703 - ABT 1797
  6. James Walling, Sr1705 - 1789
  7. Benjamin Samuel Walling1706/07 - ABT 1801
  8. Elisha Walling1708 - Bef 1785
  9. Joseph Walling1709 - ABT 1799
  10. Benjamin Walling1711 -
  11. Rebecca Walling1714 - ABT 1808
Facts and Events
Name William Walling
Gender Male
Birth? 21 NOV 1701 Salem, Salem County, New Jersey
Alt Birth? 21 NOV 1701 Rhode Island
Death? ABT 1791 North Carolina, United States

William Walling was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Land grant by (Gov.) Gooch, 12th January, 1746, to Wm. Walling, 100 acres on North River, Shenando, above the Gap. (Listed in "Fitzwater vs. Hughes", as listed in records below).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 9.--9th August, 1748. Wm. Walling to Jno. States. Teste: Peter Schall, Samuel Newman, David Stewart. William's wife was Mary Catharine.

Records of William Walling in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 80.--18th May, 1748. Peter Thorn qualifies administrator of John Woolffallier, with sureties William Walling.
  • Page 106.--26th August, 1748. Samuel Adams' appraisement by George Forbush, John States, Wm. Walling.
  • Vol. 2 - Delinquents List of 1748 - Wm. Walling, no effects.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1751. - West vs. Walling.--Wiilliam Wallen had moved from Augusta to Carolina in 1751.
  • Vol. 2 - (abt. 1806) - Fitzwater vs. Hughes--Patent by Brooke, 19th March, 1796, to Wm. Fitzwater, 66 acres by survey, dated 5th December, 1789, in Rockingham County in Brock's Gap. Wm. Fitzwater vs. Richard Hughes--Ejectment. Sixty-six acres in Rockingham. Deposition of Christopher Halterman, 10th September, 1803; that about 1755-1760 he lived with his father, Jacob Halterman, in Brock's Gap on the land in question. Copy of grant by Gooch, 12th January, 1746, to Wm. Walling, 100 acres on North River, Shenando, above the Gap. (Note: this record proves the location and size of William Walling's land acquired in 1746).
  • McKenney vs. Preston--O. S. 308; N. S. 110--John Montgomery of Russel County, aged 47 years, deposes, 11th March, 1811, in 1778 Andrew Cowan and Thos. Osborn went down to improve a piece of land on a creek they called Black Water at the Flat Lick, and on their return they came by Kooser's (Hoovers) cabin. Black Water is a north Branch of Clynch. John and Titus Benton were killed by the Indians 34 or 35 years ago. March, 1811, Alexander Montgomery, aged 49 years, deposes. March, 1811, William Roberts, aged 46, deposes, he had been in this country about 26 years. Thomas Wallen, an old settler. John Hooser's improvement. March, 1811, Thomas Rodgers, aged 46, John Wallen has known this country nearly 50 years. Thos. has been in this country about 12 years, but was living here 35 or 36 years ago when they were driven off by Indians. March, 1811, James Rogers, aged 41, deposes. March, 1811, Jacob Roller, aged 44, deposes. March, 1814, John Hooser, aged 67, deposes, came with his father Felty and brother Abraham to this country 37 years ago. John has a brother Jacob who was never out in this country. March, 1811, Elisha Wallen, aged 27, deposes. Caveat, 12th August, 1799, by John Mackenny and Elisha Adams against John Donnell, assignee of Andrew Cowan and John Campbell, Jr., for 400 acres in Lee County on North Fork Clinch. Donnell and Campbell were granted a certificate by the Commissioners 8th August, 1781. Caveators claim under an entry made by James Dugless, 1780, and sold by him to John Balfour, who has sold to caveators. Thos. Beelor was an early settler on the land. 29th May, 1811, Charles Carter deposes, in Lee County, remembers that Titus and John Benton were killed by Indians in Rye Cove in spring of 1777. He remembers the family Hooser or Van Hooser, as they were called, who settled on North Fork of Clinch near Flat Lick in 1775. The oldest Van Hooser (deponent understood from his father) made the upper improvement, and the old man's son John was the next oldest man and made an improvement near the old man. Deponent remembers two other members of the family, Abram and Isaac. Deponent lived with his father in the Rye Cove at the time those improvements were made. Never heard of Jacob Hooser. Deponent's statement is founded on hearsay. 14th May, 1814, James Dugless deposes, at dwelling house of John Smith in Madison County, Ohio, shortly after 1780 deponent moved from Washington County, Va., to Kentucky. 26th February, 1812, Doswell Rogers deposes, in Lee County, he settled on North Fork Clinch the same year that the Hoosers settled. The settlement was broken up by Indians for several years. The Wallens, Bentons, Wm. Roberts and others named these streams as they went through hunting lands. The Bentons were killed 35 or 36 years ago in April next. 29th May, 1811, Peter Fulkerson deposes, in Lee County, the country was unsettled and dangerous in 1785 on account of Indians. Deed, 30th May, 1803, by William McCutchen of Carter County, Tenn., John McKinny of Lee County, land in Lee County. Corner Nathaniel Taylors, 16,000 acres survey. Corner George Goff, 200 acres bought from Nathaniel Taylor. Recorded in Lee County, August, 1803. Deed, 31st May, 1803, by Nathaniel Taylor of Carter County, Tenn., to John McKinney of Lee County, 150 acres in Lee County. Recorded in Lee County, August, 1803. Deed, 22d May, 1803, by Wm. McCutchen of Carter County, Tenn., to George Goff of Lee County, 75 acres in Lee County. Corner John Jonson's survey of 16,000 acres. Recorded in Lee, 1803. Survey, 12th April, 1795, for Nathan Field, 9,220 acres in Lee County on Clinch River, 11th March, 1811. Elisha Wallen, aged 27, of Lee County, deposes, 11th March, 1811, Samuel Gullrie, aged 36, deposes, 11th March, 1811, Wm. Wallin, aged 50, deposes, knew the land in 1778, names of Hoosers (Hoovers) were Felty, Jacob, John. Bill Blevins made an improvement about 16 years ago, fenced with poles and planted with peach stones and apple scions. John and Titus Benton were killed about 32 years ago, their mother gave deponent John's shot bag. 11th March, 1811, Stephen Wallen, aged 54, knew the land in 1775, then Flat Lick Branch was called Lick Branch. About 1775 the North Fork of Clinch was called Stims (Slim's) Creek. The Benton's were killed 31 or 32 or 33 years ago. John was on the Cherokee expedition and helped to bring up the great guns from the nation to the Long Island after the expedition, said to be commanded by Col. Christian, returned deponent hunted with him on Clynch after his return, and it was 2 or 3 years after the expedition that he was killed, 11th March, 1811, Joseph Wallen, aged 35, deposes. 1821, Patrick Kane deposes in Scott. 1821, Saml. Robinet deposes in Scott. 1821, George Graham deposes in Scott. 1821, William Lewis deposes in Scott. 1821, Robert Spears deposes in Scott. 1821, Thomas Sloane deposes in Scott. 1821, Jacob Roller deposes in Scott. 1821, John Carter deposes, in Scott, 47 years old, raised in neighborhood. 1821, Dale Carter deposes in Scott. 1821, Richard Hale deposes in Scott. 1821, James Bowles deposes in Scott. 1821, Daniel Ash deposes in Scott. 1821, David Neely deposes in Scott. 1821, Thos. Bishop deposes, in Scott, married Walling's daughter. 1821, Elisha Adams deposes in Scott. 1821, Casper Roller deposes in Scott. Bill filed 20th November, 1805, by John Donnell and Robert Preston about 1774 or 5. Andrew Cowan came to the western country and settled in now Russell County, when danger from Indians was great. Obtained in 1781 certificate in right of settlement. Surrounding lands were taken up before 1781 and Cowan laid his certificate at the Big Bottom, on North Fork of Clinch, and received a certificate. Cowan sold to orator John Donnell, who sold half to John Campbell, who sold to orator Robert. James Douglas made an entry on the same land and sold to John Belfour, who conveyed to John McKinney, 1799. 8th June, 1811, Jacob Hoozer deposes, aged 64, at house of Roger Oats in Wayne County, Ky., about 1775 or 6 his father, his brothers, John and Abraham Hoozer, went to North Fork of Clinch to improve land and all made improvements except himself. Deponent was not there until about 15 years after, was administrator of his father then. Abraham was about 18 or 19 years old. 8th June, 1811, Charles Cocke deposes, time and place above, aged 60. 12th March, 1811, Isaac Fulkerson, aged 34, deposes in Lee County. Deed, 16th February, 1802, by John Balfour and wife Sarah of Washington County to John McKinney of Lee County, 500 acres on North Fork of Clinch in Lee County, patented to John, 1st November, 1800. Recorded in Lee, 12th May, 1802. John Belfour died 1811, leaving widow Sarah, children, viz: Milly, Andrew, Isabella, and Charles Cummings Belfour. (Note: the Wallings listed in this record are likely related to this William Walling).

Information on William Walling

From "Elisha Wallen the Longhunter", by Carolyn D. Wallin, pg. 54:

1.1.4 - William Walling - William was born on 11-21-1701. This William possibly died in North Carolina, for there was a William and Mary Catherine in the Augusta County Virginia records. Later he moved away. This William was married to Mary Catherine ______.

In 1733, William was on the List of Taxables in Monocisie One Hundred in Maryland. In 1742, William was in Augusta County, Virginia on the Muster Roll of Company Six. In 1748, William and Catherine bought 100 acres of land on "North River, Shenando, above the gap".

On 8-9-1748, William and Mary Catherine sold their land to John States. In 1751, there was a lawsuit of "West vs. Walling" in Augusta County. In the papers of this suit, there was a statement of "...William and his wife had moved from Augusta County to Carolina".