Person:William Moulton (3)

  1. William MoultonAbt 1616/7 - 1664
  • HWilliam MoultonAbt 1616/7 - 1664
  • WMargaret PageABT 1630 - 1699
m. Bef 1648
  1. Joseph Moulton1647 - 1729
  2. Benjamin Moulton1649 - 1728
  3. Hannah Moulton1651/2 - 1687
  4. Mary Moulton1654 - 1664
  5. Sarah Moulton1656 -
  6. Ruth Moulton1659 - 1685
  7. Robert Moulton1661 - 1732
  8. William Moulton1664 - 1723
Facts and Events
Name[5][7] William Moulton
Gender Male
Birth[5][6][7] Abt 1616/7 Ormesby Saint Margaret, Norfolk, England
Immigration[5][6] 1637 Came to New England as servant/apprentice to Robert Page
Residence? 1639 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Marriage Bef 1648 based on first child
to Margaret Page
Death[7] 18 Apr 1664 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States

Relations in New England

In Hyde's 2009 Article, she lists four Moultons arriving in New England. William1 Moulton to Hampton, NH; John1 Moulton to Hampton, NH; James1 Moulton to Wenham, MA; and Thomas1 Moulton to York, ME. William, the son of Benjamin and Mary (__) was a 1st cousin (1x removed) to the brothers John, James, and Thomas, being the children of Robert Moulton and Mary Smythe.

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    DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM MOULTON, OF HAMPTON, N. H. (i) William Moulton, born in Ormsby, Norfolk County, England, about 1617, married Margaret, daughter of Robert and Lucia (Lucy) Page, with whose family he came to New England. His age is given as twenty years in his "examination" before leaving England, April n, 1637. They landed probably at Boston, thence he and the Pages went to Newbury, Mass., where it seems they remained something over a year before joining the new settlement at Winnacunnett, now Hampton, N. H., in 1639. At that place he took up his permanent abode, settling quite near Thomas and John Moulton. He died April 18, 1664. His will, which is found in Essex County, Mass., Probate Records, Vol. 2, pages 9, i o and n, bears date March 8, 1663 (4). He declares himself to be at that time "sick and weak of body." It is evident that Mr. Moulton was a man of more than ordinary ability and force of character. Coming as he did to a new country before arriving at his majority, presumably bringing little with him and dying at the early age of forty-seven, he left what was, for those times a large estate—a double mansion in one of the best localities of the new township with "orchyd," tillage land, "medow" and marshes, together with personal estate to no inconsiderable amount. All this was distributed by his will with a curious particularity characteristic of the old country. This lengthy and formal document is appended in abbreviated form, as to give it entire would occupy too much space.

    THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF WILLIAM MOULTON, OF HAMPTON, IN THE COUNTY OF NORFOLK, IN NEW ENGLAND. I William Moulton being sick & weak of body butt sound in vnderstanding & memory doe by this my last will & testament
    settle my Estate as followeth :

    Imp. I Give & bequeath vnto Margritt my Louing wife my new House being west partt of my Dwelling House with the
    Chambers belonging thereunto and the use of the leanto and the one Hälfe of the Orchyd as it is divided by a path Goeing through itt, she hauing Liberty to choose which pt she pleaseth, the which she is to Injoy during the terms of Her life or to her day of marriage.

    Ittem. ... all furnituer . . . and the mouables of the house excepting whatt is otherwise disposed of as shall bee
    after expressed.

    Ittem. . . . my warmeing pan & smoothing Iron and fire shouell & tonges: and the rest of the Iron, Brass and peuter is to bee deuided into two partts by one of my exequeters and my sones and then my wife to Choose her partt and my two Eldest sones to haue the other partt.

    Ittem. I give unto Margritt my Louing wife my whole stock of neatt Cattle, Horse & Swine towards the bringing up of my Children . . . only my children are to Injoy those cattle which are now accounted theirs, viz. :—my soné Joseph three, my son Benimen two & Hanna one & Mary one.

    Ittem. I give unto my son Joseph Moulton my Dwelling House & Barne with all my outt Houseing and my House Lott
    being by estimation ten acres more or less as it is and ten acres of planting land in the north plaine lying by Henery Robies land, the which was granted to me by the Towne and fiue acres more or less lying in the East field . . . and nine acres of fresh medow lying near to the Great bores Head.

    Ittem two acres of Saltt marsh lying in a place called the seueralls

    Ittem five acres of Saltt marsh on the other side of the falls.

    Ittem three shares of Comonedy, two shares of the Cow comon & one share of the ox comon.

    Ittem. I give & Bequeath unto my sonn Benjamin Moulton ten acres of planting land Adjoyning to my House Lott and ten
    acres of planting land in ye north plaine. . . .

    Ittem fouer acres of Medow in the Greatt Medow ....

    Ittem three acres in the Greatt Bores Head medow.

    Ittem fiue acres of Salt Marsh lying on the other side of the River. . . .

    Ittem one share of the Cows Comon and one share of ye ox comon.

    Ittem. I Giue unto my Son Robert Moulton six acres of planting land in the East field Adjoyning to the lott of John
    Redman; And further it is my will . . . when my Soné Joseph shall come to the age of twenty-one yers hee shall enter
    upon & possess which I have here given and appointed for him & then thatt hee shall yerly pvid and lay in for his mother fower loads of Hay . . . and every yeere fifteen Bushiles of Indian Corne and eight Bushiles of wheatt and fiue Bushiles of malt all merchentable . . . and convenient House Room for Hay and cattell . . . and further that my son Beniamen shall pvide for his mother thrre loads of Hay yerly to be putt into the Barne and to pay her ten bushiles of indian Corne & six bushiles of wheatt yerly. . . .

    lit. I Giue & Bequeth unto my daughter Hanna Moulton the some of ten pounds . . . the which is to be Improved by
    my Exequetors for her until shee shall com to the Age of twenty yer or att her day of marriage which shall fall out first.

    Itt. I Giue unto my Daughter Mary the some of ten pounds . . . fiue pounds when shee shall Come to the age of sixteen yers and fiue pounds the yer following.

    Itt. I Giue unto my Daughter Sarah the some of ten pounds . . . fiue pounds when shee shall Come to Age of sixteen
    yeer and fiue pounds the yeere following.

    Ittem I Giue unto my Daughter Ruth the some of ten pounds. . . .

    Ittem I doe appoint conserning my Child which is yet un Borne thatt if God Giue itt life untill itt come to the age of fourteen yeeres itt shall choose a gardian and thatt then my two sones Joseph & Beniamen shall pay unto the sd Child the some of fiue pounds to bee Improved in the Hands of the sd Gardian for the pfitt of the Child untill itt shall Come of Age. The bedstead & the Greatt table and other Lumber shall Remaine in the house . . . by Lumber I intend tubbs and troughs & such like, and when my sones Come to Age my plowes, Cartes, yoakes & Chaînes and such Implements of Husbandry shall be deuided between my two sones Joseph & Beniamen ... my two sones Joseph & Beniamen shall pvide & bring home for their mother twenty lodds of wood p annum; thirteen loads to bee pvided by Joseph & seaven loads by Beniamen. . . .

    I doe make, Costitute and appoint my louing father in law Robert Page, yeoman and my louing Brother in Law Henery
    Dow to bee my Lawful Exequetors to this my last will and testiment . . . my sones . . . shall allow vnto mother
    Commonedy for to keep her cattle . . . and this my last will and testiment I doe confirme with my hand & Scale the Eight Day of March Anno D., one thousand six Hundred and Sixty & three.
    Signed, Sealed and Confirmed Wittnes my Hand & Scale in the psents of Will : Moulton
    ROBERTT PAGE, (Seal)
    This was testified by Robert Page & Tho: Page upon their
    oath to be ye last will & testamt of Willi : Moulton also Sam :
    Dalton testifid vpon his Oath this to be ye last will & testamt
    of ye sd Will. Moulton to his best Knowledg: At ye court held
    at Hampton n:8th mo 1664.
    THO: BRADBURY, rec.
    The tender care exhibited for "Margritt, his loving wife,"
    shows that his early affection for her had suffered no abatement
    in the lapse of years. An imaginative mind can find much of
    romance and pathos in the story of this puritan youth and maiden
    who left their English home in the little hamlet of Ormsby "near
    Great Yarmouth and not far from Norwich. In County Norfolk"
    and came for conscience sake to New England wilderness only
    seventeen years after the Mayflower dropped anchor at Plymouth.
    Margaret, his widow, married 2d, Lieut. John Sanborn. She
    died July 13, 1699.

  4.   NEHGR, 26:76.

    "Margaret, b in England, 1629; m. 1651, Wm. Moulton, who came as the hired servant of her father, and they were the ancestors of many of the Moulton's in this country. He d. in 1661, and she m. for her second husband, John Sanborn, Sr., as his second wife; she d 13 July 1699, a 70."

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    William Moulton, b. 1616 or 1617, based on his age of 20 in April 1637 when he was examined before sailing to New England as a servant of Robert Page. He was not named in his grandfather John Moulton's will of 20 Sep 1637, as he must have already departed for New England.

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    William Moulton, born in England, about 1617; married Margaret, daughter of Robert Page (1); died Apr. 18, 1664.