Person:William Morrow (104)

William Morrow
b.abt 1790 Tennessee
  1. John Morrowabt 1775 -
  2. David Morrowabt 1781 - 1845
  3. William Morrowabt 1790 - 1836
m. abt 1810
  1. John B. Morrow1815 -
  2. James L. Morrow1818 -
  3. Arthur C. Morrow1824 -
  4. Samuel Morrow1828 - 1876
  5. George Issac* Morrow1836 - 1904
Facts and Events
Name William Morrow
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1790 Tennessee
Marriage abt 1810 to Sarah Caldwell
Death? 1836 Barren, Kentucky, United States

William Morrow, Jr. is the male 16-26 in the 1810 Barren, KY listing for William Morrow. William Morrow, Jr. moves to Warren, TN with his father about 1812. He marries Sarah (b. SC abt 1795 in Warren TN) abt 1812, and their first two children, Jane Ann Morrow and John B. Morrow are born in Warren TN, 1813 and 1815 respectively (birthdate and place from gravestone in Gamaliel cemetery, Monroe, KY). By 12 Nov 1817, William Morrow, Jr. is back in Barren KY where his third child, James L. Morrow is born.

A DNA test has been done by a proven male descendant of William Morrow, Jr. which confirms connection to Flat River NC Morrows.