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Lieutenant Colonel William Fitzhugh "Willie" Lee
  1. Lieutenant Colonel William Fitzhugh "Willie" Lee1832 - 1861
m. 15 Sep 1859
  1. Laura Morgan Lee1861 - 1895
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Lieutenant Colonel William Fitzhugh "Willie" Lee
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 27 Apr 1832 Richmond City, Virginia, United States
Graduation[1][2] 4 Jul 1853 Lexington, Virginia, United StatesVirginia Military Institute
Military[1][2] Bet 1857 and 1861 St. Louis City, Missouri, United StatesResigned from the Union Army on 30 April 1861
Marriage 15 Sep 1859 Trinity Church
to Elizabeth Morgan Parran
Death[1][2] 29 Jul 1861 Shepherdstown, Jefferson, West Virginia, United StatesWounded at First Battle of Manassas
Military[1][2] Bet 1861 and 1863 Appointed Captain in the Confederate Army
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    "William was the son of the Rev. William Fitzhugh Lee of Richmond and Mary Catherine Syme Chilton Lee, of Fairfax, born on April 27, 1832 in Richmond."

    "Although devoted to his mother, who returned to Alexandria with him, Willie spent considerable time with his paternal uncle, Edmund Jennings Lee, of Shepherdstown, Virginia, who served as a surrogate father. He was especially close to his cousin, Edwin Gray Lee, who would end up on the battlefield with him at Manassas in July of 1861."

    "In 1850, William entered the class of 1853 at the Virginia Military Institute, the third class since it’s founding. William Fitzhugh Lee in his Fourth of July Valedictory addressed his compatriots at the Virginia Military Institute in 1853."

    "In June of 1855, William entered the United States Army as a 2nd Lieutenant under the 2nd Regiment, scheduled to be stationed at Fort Ridgely, a small outpost in Minnesota, although a letter to Superintendent Smith suggests he was rerouted to Fort Leavenworth. Records indicate that he also served at Fort Randall South Dakota, Fort Riley, Kansas, and several other remote frontier posts that helped to manage Indian affairs."

    "Following the battle at Fort Sumter in April, he began to speak out against what he considered the faulty course being pursued by the Federal Government toward the South. He spoke his mind quite freely and was arrested by Captain Nathanial Lyon, a staunch abolitionist who had gained command of the St. Louis arsenal. William was court-martialed and kept on house arrest for a brief period of time. When released, he resigned from the Army on April 30, ten days after his second cousin Robert E. Lee’s resignation, and returned to Virginia. With the help R.E. Lee, he was appointed a captain in the Confederate Army, ordered to duty at Harper’s Ferry."

    "Lee was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel of the 33rd Virginia Infantry."

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    Lt.-Col. William Fitzhugh LEE Jr., born April 27,1832, was the son of Rev. William F. LEE and Mary Catharine Simms CHILTON, he was the son of Edmund Jenning LEE Sr. and Sarah LEE, she the daugther of William Orrick CHILTON and Sarah POWELL.

    He graduated from V. M. I. in Lexington, Va. on July 4, 1853, and gave the Valedictory to his class, taught school until 1853, appointed second lieutenant in 2nd. U.S. Infantry in 1857, in 1861 was court-martialed, for voiceing his opinions for the South.In April 1861, he was appointed of the Virginia forces, commissioned lieutenant-colonel of the 33rd. Virginia regiment, and attached to the army of the Shenandoah.In the first battle of Manassas, July 21, 1861, he led his regiment against Rickeet's ridge, and captured it, but it was retaken.In the second charge his was wounded in the head by a shell, and was sent home, he died July 29, 1861 and was buried at the Trintiy Church graveyard, in Shepherdstown, now West Virginia.

    He married on Sept. 15, 1859 to Elizabeth Morgan PARRAN, know as "Lillie" LEE, she helped the Southern cause, by getting them supplies, and information, J.E.B. Stuart left her in his will his silver slurps.Lille was the daughter of Dr. Richard PARRAN Jr. of Balitmore, son of Richard PARRAN and Mary DARE, and his wife Martha Laura Elizabeth MORGAN, daughter of Lt. Rawleigh MORGAN and Martha RICHARDS, of Shepardstown. William F. LEE and Lillie PARRAN had one daughter Laura Morgan LEE, born Jan. 1, 1861, Shepardstown, and died Sept. 17, 1895, St. Louis, Mo., she married Lt. William Augustus SIMPSON, of New York. They had 4 children, when Laura died her mother, Lillie LEE, moved in with the family and saw her 4 grandchildren grow and marry.She died at the home of her eldest grandchild, Caroline Hanson SIMPSON, wife of Frank Valentine CHAPPELL, in 1916, Conn..The youngest grandchild Elizabeth Parran SIMPSON married Harold Steelman NAYLOR, these were my husband's grandparents, their daughter Laura Lee NAYLOR married William Paul WHELIHAN.I hope this helps, I have more information on this family, maybe I can help you find what you are looking for.