Person:William Ledgerwood (8)

William Ledgerwood 1723 and 1730 Ireland
m. abt 1730
  1. Agnes Ledgerwoodbet 1723 and 1730 -
  2. William Ledgerwoodbet 1723 and 1730 - 1794
  3. Martha Ledgerwoodbet 1725 and 1730 -
  4. Elinor LedgerwoodBET 1734 AND 1741 -
  5. Jane Ledgerwood1734 - 1820
  6. James LedgerwoodABT 1735 -
  7. John Ledgerwood1739 - 1806
  • HWilliam Ledgerwoodbet 1723 and 1730 - 1794
  • WRebecca MoodyBef 1734 -
m. abt 1751
  1. James Ledgerwood1753 - 1800
  2. Samuel Ledgerwood1755 -
  3. Mary 'Margaret' Ledgerwood1756-1762 -
  4. David LedgerwoodABT 1763 -
  5. Isabel LedgerwoodABT 1764 -
  6. William LedgerwoodABT 1764 -
  7. Joseph LedgerwoodABT 1771 -
Facts and Events
Name William Ledgerwood
Gender Male
Birth? bet 1723 and 1730 Ireland
Marriage abt 1751 Augusta County, Virginia, United Statesto Rebecca Moody
Death? Jan 1794 Lincoln, Kentucky, United States

William Ledgerwood, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


William Ledgerwood Jr.'s land (Beverley Manor NW, 300 acres, 1751) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 298. - 26th November, 1751. Beverley (by Lewis and Madison) to Wm. Ledgerwood, Jr., 300 acres in Beverley Manor on Buchanan's Mill Creek, formerly Nutt Creek; John Bigham line; John Buchanan land; James McCorkal's line; corner John Henderson; corner John Lynn. DB 3:514.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 160.--9th February, 1763. William ( ) Ledgewood and Rebecca ( ) to Moses Williams, £27, 300 acres in Beverley Manor on Buchanan's Mill Creek; John Begam's line; corner John Buchanan's land; Elijah McClenachan's land, formerly James McCorkle's; corner John Henderson; Nathan Gillilan's land, formerly John Lynn's. Teste: Abraham Biss. Delivered: Moses Williams, 5th August, 1783.

Will of William Ledgerwood

Will Book #1 page 14 Fayette Co., KY / Clarke Co., KY


In the Name of God Amen I William Ledgerwood of the County of Fayette being perfectly Sencible in mind and memery and duly considring the uncertainty of human Life do make this my Last Will and Testament first principally I commense my soul into the hands of my Blessed Maker trusting in his mercies and the merets of my Deer Redemier for the confession of all my sins, and My body I commit to the earth to be decently Intred as to my ________ Estate I Dispose of it in the following manner, First I give and bequeath to my dear Well beloved Wife Rebeca one third of all my personal Estate, also to hold in possession the Tract of Land on Howard Creek on which I now live during her Life, and after her decease my Will is that the said above mentioned Land be devided as follows Vixe, that my Son Samuel shall have my dweling and his Land Joining it Likewise that my daughter Isabel shall have one hundred acres to include the Improvements where she now Lives and to run of the Harvest(?) end of said tract alsow that my son Samuel shall Lay off one hundred acres of said tract to my daughter Margret where he shall think most proper, Alsow I have give her one mair which is to be now her property and she shall have three cows and calves, My daughter Mary I give her one horse worth Tenn pounds likewise I give and bequeath to my daughter Rebeccah one horse worth Ten pounds all my other Lands I give to my son James and Samuel to be Equally divided between them and as soon as it can be noun (known) what they shall Obtain of it they shall sell or dispose of it as they think fit only they shall by out of it if there is as much got of it one Likely Negrow girl to Wait and take cair of their Mother while she lives, and if said girl should have any children the first one to be Margrets and her and the rest to be Equally divided between my son James and Samuel my son Samuel is to have all creature and farming tools not mentioned. I do hearby nominate and apoint my son James and Samuel Exectors of this my Last Will and Testament requiring them to pay all my Just debts. I declare this to be my Last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hearunto set my hand and soul (seal) this Seventh day of May one Thousand seven Hundred and Ninety two signed sealed and delivered by said by said William Ledgerwood to be his Last will and Testament in presence of William Ledgerwood (SEAL)

James M. Million (McMillion?) Ro. W. Million (McMillion?) Allen Neil

At a court held for Clarke County the 28th day of January 1794 This Last Will and Testament of William Ledgerwood Deceased was proved according to Law by the Oaths of Ro. W. Million and Allin Neil two of the Witnesses thereto Subscribed and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Samuel Ledgerwood one of the Exers therein named who made oath thereto as the Law directs Certificate is granted him for Obtaining a probate thereof in due form giving Securety whereupon he Together with Robert W. Million, Allin Neil and Wm. Hill his Securities, Entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of L1000 Conditioned as the Law Directs for the due and faithful administration of the said Decedints Estate and performence of his Will, Liberty being reserved the other Exor therein named to Join in the probate when he shall think fit Teste D. Bullock, Clerk

Records of William Ledgerwood, Jr. in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 493.--Whereas Robert Cowdon has for some time Past reported and said that William Ledgerwood was a convict, he does now Acknowledge it to be False Report and that he had no Grounds for saying so of him. As witness my hand this 30th day of March, 1772.--Robert Cowdon. Teste: Hugh Young, John Young. (Note: this is probably referring to William Ledgerwood, Jr.)
  • Vol. 1 - John Frazier, Ann Frazier vs. Rebecca Ledgerwood, Rebecca Berry and Esther Corruthers, infant.--Spa. Chancery, 16th April, 1787. Oratrix and orator are children of Isabella Frazier. Isabella was sister to Robert Moody, now deceased, who took John Frazier and kept him until Robert's death, when John was forty years old. Robert died December, 1776 (1786?). Robert's nuncupative will 15th December, 1786. James and Robert Moody's father died intestate. Isabella Moody was their mother and administered on their father's estate. The Moodys came from Pennsylvania. John Frazier was brother-in-law of Robert Moody and they came to Virginia shortly afterwards. John Frazier died leaving five small children and a widow. Three of the children took all the land and left nothing for John and Anne, whom Robert Moody took care of. James Moody's wife died and his daughters being all married and he being an old man, he took in his son-in-law, William, and Rebecca Ledgerwood, and shortly afterwards James sold his land to his step son, Robert Willson. Then William and Rebecca (Ledgerwood) took James as long as his money lasted, when they sent him back to Robert naked and destitute. Robert prepared to make a will because he found that his brother James' heirs and the Ledgerwood family in particular would come from Kentucky and take everything he had. James Frazier. 19th July, 1790. Anne Frazier's deposition to same effect, 19th July, 1790. Isabella Frazier's deposition to same effect, 19th July, 1790. Elizabeth Hill's deposition to same effect, 19th July, 1790. Samuel Frazier's deposition to same effect, 19th July, 1790. Rebecca Berry's deposition taken in Fayette County, October, 1789. Zachariah Johnston deposes 5th October, 1790: was born within one mile of Robert Moody's; John Frazier was accidentally killed. Rachel Wilson deposes that her husband bought a plantation from James Moody. Mrs. Mary Wilson went to Kentucky. John Brownlee deposes that he knew old Robert Moody, father of James and Robert Moody and continued intimate with the two sons after their father's death. Sarah Brownlee deposes that when she was a girl James Moody was married to her mother, a widow; James's father died and Robert and his mother kept all the estate and James never received any of the estate. John Frazier died when plaintiffs were very young, intestate, and the oldest son, Samuel, took the land. Rebecca was wife of William Ledgerwood.
  • Vol. 1 - May, 1789, January Causes - William Ledgerwood and Rebecca, his wife; William Berry and Rebecca, his wife; Esther Carrothers, by John Moffet, her guardian, and next friend, vs. John Frazier.--Ejectment, 1787. James Frazier's deposition, 19th October, 1790.--brother of John. John Brownlee testifies 14th November, 1788. Was acquainted with James Elder and Robert Moody, his brother, upwards of sixty years ago, and they then passed for brothers and they then lived with their parents, Robert and Isabella Moody, and deponent was acquainted with them during the whole course of their lives. James Moody married Rebecca Wilson, by whom they had issue. Rebecca Moody who married William Ledgerwood, Jr. Isabella Moody, who married James McClery. James and Rebecca lived within four miles of deponent at time of their marriage and they always passed for husband and wife. Margaret Christian, step-daughter of James Moody, deposes, 14th November, 1788. She was acquainted with James, the elder, and Robert Moody, his brother, near sixty years ago, and they always passed for brothers; deponent at age of twelve years was present at marriage of James Moody to Rebecca Wilson; they had issue, Rebecca and Isabella, above, and Esther Moody, who married John Moffett. Sarah Brownlee deposes, 14th November, 1788. Was acquainted with James and Robert about fifty-eight years ago and ever since till their death.

Information on William Ledgerwood, Jr.

From database:

Vandermate Entries: 522 Updated: Sat Aug 25 11:09:00 2001 Contact: Jacqué Vandermate

Name: William LEDGERWOOD Sex: M Birth: 1723-1730 in Ireland Death: Jan 1794 in Lincoln Co, KY Christening: VA/KY Militia Burial: War of 1780 , Blue Lick, KY 1782 Baptism: Listed in the first Kentucky census CONF: 1738 Came with father to Port of Philidelphia from Ulster, Ireland FCOM: Rev. War

Father: William LEDGERWOOD b: 1701 in Ireland Mother: Agnes MITCHELL b: in Ireland

Marriage 1 Rebecca MOODY Married: in Augusta, VA Children

James LEDGERWOOD b: 1753 in Augusta, VA
Samuel LEDGERWOOD b: 1755

FAMILY RESEARCH Entries: 16474 Updated: Tue Jul 22 02:57:25 2003 Contact: Don Martin Thomas

Name: William Ledgerwood Surname: Ledgerwood Given Name: William Sex: M Birth: ABT 1723/1730 in Ireland Death: ABT 23 Jan 1794 in , Lincoln, Kentucky

Immigration: 1738 Came with father to Port of Philidelphia from Ulster, Ireland Immigration: 1738 Came with father to Port of Philidelphia from Ulster, Ireland Note: !NAME:<<William Ledgerwood Jr.>>

!NAME:<<William Ledgerwood Jr.>> - Source - Roberta Leigh (Ledgerwood) Dennis - e-mail -

!BIRTH:<<William Ledgerwood Jr.>>Birth:Abt 1723/1730 , , Ireland - Source - Roberta Leigh (Ledgerwood) Dennis - e- mail -

!MARRIAGE:<<William Ledgerwood Jr.>> to Rebecca Moody., Marriage:Abt 1750 - Source - Roberta Leigh (Ledgerwood) Dennis - e-mail -

!DEATH:<<William Ledgerwood Jr.>> Death:Abt 23 January 1794 , Lincoln, Kentucky - Source - Roberta Leigh (Ledgerwood) Dennis - e-mail -

!MILITARY:<<William Ledgerwood Jr.>>Military: in War of 1780, Blue Lick, Kentucky 1782.

!RESIDENCE:<<William Ledgerwood Jr.>>Residence:1738 Came with father to Port of Philidelphia from Ulster, Ireland.

!RESIDENCE:<<William Ledgerwood Jr.>>Residence:1782 Captured by Indians at the battle of Blue Lick and was taken to Canada for 11 mo., 1783 Released by the Indians because the fire went out mysteriously-burn at the stake Rev. War 14th VA Re't 1 Change Date: 27 Mar 2002 at 00:00:00

Father: William Ledgerwood b: ABT 1701 in , , Ireland Mother: Agnes Mitchell b: ABT 1700 in , , Ireland

Marriage 1 Rebecca Moody b: ABT 1739 Married: ABT 1750 in , Augusta, Virginia Children

James Ledgerwood b: 1753 in , Augusta, Virginia
Isabella Ledgerwood b: ABT 1764

Sources: Title: Ledgerwood Famliy Papers McClung Family History Knoxville, TN