Person:William Lamme (2)

William Lamme, of the North Branch, Shenandoah River
b.1719 Ireland
  • HWilliam Lamme, of the North Branch, Shenandoah River1719 - 1796
  • WAnna ScottBef 1725 - 1769
m. Abt. 1742
  1. Ann Scott LammeABT 1742/43 - 1821
  2. Jane Lamme1744-1760 -
  3. Daughter Lamme1744-1760 -
  4. David Lamme1744-1760 -
  5. James LammeAbt 1745 - 1815
  6. William LammeABT 1747 - 1818
  7. Robert LammeABT 1749 -
  8. Samuel Lamme1750 - 1825
  9. Capt. Nathaniel Lamme1755 - 1834
  • HWilliam Lamme, of the North Branch, Shenandoah River1719 - 1796
  • WMargaret ReedABT 1723 -
m. 1769
  1. Jonathan Lamme1770 -
  2. Jesse Lamme1772 -
Facts and Events
Name William Lamme, of the North Branch, Shenandoah River
Alt Name William Lamb
Gender Male
Birth? 1719 Ireland
Marriage Abt. 1742 to Anna Scott
Marriage 1769 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Reed
Death? 1796 Fayette County, Kentucky
Alt Death? 1800 Marmon County, Kentucky

William Lamme was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 112-114. Indenture 23 May 1744 between George Scott and Mary, his wife, of Orange County and William Lamb of same... for five shillings.. land in that part of Orange County called Augusta.. 370 acres.. north side of the North River of Shannando.. Stony Lick Branch granted to George Scott by Pattent bearing date 30 July 1730. . . .(signed) George Scott (seal) Mary (X) Scott (seal). Witnesses: James Pendleton, Jas. Porteus, J. Clayton. Lease acknowledged.. recorded 24 May 1744.. ₤26 paid and acknowledged. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 9, Dorman, pg. 15].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 155.--29th January, 1761. John Madison and Agatha to William Lamb, £300, 363 acres purchased of William Thompson, south bank of Middle River; cor. Andrew Leeper, fork of the river; cor. William Baskins, Buffelow Run. Delivered: Wm. Lamb, September, 1768.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Deed in Orange County, VA - 230 acres located at the mouth of Stover Creek on the north side of the south branch of the Shenandoah River to William Lamme on Feb 28, 1749 by George Anderson of Orange County, Virginia.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 265.—22d August, 1749. William Lamb (Lamme) to John Lynd, Gent. Shannadore. 320 acres on No. Br. No. Riv. Robert Scott's land. Stoney Lick Branch. Teste: Gabriel Pickins and Robert Scott.
  • Page 605.--19th May, 1762. William Lamma (Lamb) and Anna to William Patterson, £250, 330 acres on South River Shanandoe. Teste: James Lamme, Thomas Raferty. Delivered: Wm. Patterson, February, 1768.
  • William Lamme conveyed 363 acres to his sons James and Samuel Lamme, land "partly in Augusta and partly in Rockingham, at mouth of Middle River", on 17th November, 1773, as listed in the Circuit Court record listed below.

Processioning List of 1767/68

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
  • Page 449.--1767-68: Processioned by James Craig, James Patterson: For Henry Reburn, Wm. Lam, John King, Robt. Craige, James Givens, Saml. Bell, Jno. Givens, Philip Harless, Thos. Storrey, John Stewart, Hugh Allon, Timothy Call, Edward Rutledge, James Care, Wm. Patterson, Saml. Henderson, Wm. Roberson, Wm. Scillarn, James Anderson, Wm. Hindes, Thomas Turke, David Mack, Neiley Christian Clemons, Robert Steon, James Craige, Thomas Raferty.

Records of William Lamme in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 18, 1746/7. - (168) Road ordered from Top of the Ridge to John Terrald's and James Beard's, with these tithables, John Bomgardner, Jacob Harmon, Robert and Saml. Scot, John Stevenson, Robert Hook, Wm. Burk, Mathew Thompson, Charles Duel, Nicholas Noel, John Lawrence, Jacob Pence, Henry Dickens, Valentine Pence, George Scot, John Viare, Jacob Harmon, Sr., Mathew Sharp, John Harmon, Ro. Frazier, James Beard, Mathew Thompson, John Robton, Stiffell Francisco, Wm. Lamb, Samuel Lockard, Ro. Smith.
  • Page 140.--16th March, 1748. Samuel Scott's will--Wife, Ann; son, John, 400 acres on Cub Run, slave negroes; daughters, Mary and Jean (infants), slaves, negroes; mother, Jean Scott; brother's son, Samuel Scott. Executors. Robert Scott and Robert Hook. Teste: Robert McFerson, George Scott, George Scott. Presented 17th May, 1749, in Court by executors and proved by all witnesses. Ann refuses to abide by the will. (Note: Samuel Scott was thought to be the brother-in-law of William Lamme. William is referenced in records listed below in Chalkley's, acting as surety and appraiser of Samuel Scott's estate).
  • Page 512.--28th February, 1749. William Thompson, Jr., to William Baskins (William Lamb?), 232 acres on Branch of Buffalo Run. Corner James Beard. Patented to William, 1st June, 1741. Teste: Silas Hart, Henry Downs, Jr., William Lamb. (Note: Chalkley seemed to think that this land may have been conveyed to William Lamme, although there was a William Baskin living nearby that seems to have acquired this land).
  • Page 141.--17th May, 1749. Executor's bond as above, with sureties Wm. Lamb, Mathew Thompson.
  • Page 182.--17th May, 1749. Robert Scott to Mathew Thompson, Jr. Stormy Lick Branch, Jacob Thomas. Patented to Robert, 5th March, 1747. Teste: George Scott, Robt. Hook, Wm. Lamb, Ann. wife of Robert.
  • Page 259.--4th July, 1749. Samuel Scott's appraisement, by Wm. Lamb, James Beard, Mathew Thompson.
  • Page 463.--15th June, 1757. Samuel Givens and Martha to Jno. Williams, £40, 283 acres, part of a tract conveyed to Samuel, August, 1754. Cor. Ro. Patrick; cor. Finla. Teste: Patrick Crawford, Geo. Wilson, Wm. Lamb. Delivered: Jno. Williams, April, 1783.
  • Page 529.--18th February, 1758. William Downs to John Madison, £35, 200 acres patented to William, 5th November, 1747; Stover's Mill Creek; land of Wm. Lamb. Teste: Henry Downs, Abraham Miller.
  • Page 431.--19th November, 1760. George Rankin's appraisement, by Wm. Lamb, Geo. Crawford, Robt. Craig.
  • Page 286.--__ _____, 1761. Samuel Givens and Martha to Samuel Bell, £90, 159 acres, part of 311 acres patented to said Givens. on southeast side Middle River of Shanando betwixt lands of John and James Givens; cor. said James Givens. Teste: William Lamb, Wm. Walters. Delivered: Samuel Bell, 10th August, 1786.
  • Page 223.--18th May, 1762. Thomas Turk and Margaret ( ) to Frederick Stull, £30, 226 acres on South River of Shannando, William Lamb's line by an island. Robert Eliot's cor. Delivered: Frederick Stull. May, 1766.
  • Page 50.--22d July, 1762. Joseph Hanna and Anna ( ) to David Frame, £10, 68 acres, part of a moiety of 136 acres patented, 12th May, 1759, on a draft of Naked Creek, east side the Pennsylvania Road. Teste: Samuel Henderson, William Lamme, James Frame. Delivered: Hugh Donaho, 29th September, 1767.
  • Page 483.--25th. September (1766). David Via's estate appraised, by Samuel Henderson, Wm. Lamme, Andw. Leeper.
  • Page 148.--22d August, 1768. John Madison to son John Madison, deed of gift, natural love and affection, 141 acres commonly called the Great Meadow, upon a branch of Cook's Creek, between lands of John and Joseph Cravens, purchased of William Cravens, 19th March, 1764, and recorded in the secretary's office; also a tract patented to John, 10th July, 1767, containing 200 acres, on Cook's Creek. Joseph Craven's corner. Delivered: Wm. Lambe, February, 1780.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1769 (B). - William Lamb and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Reed, vs. Samuel Kirkham.--Bond to Margaret Reed, 30th March, 1766. (Note: William Lamme had married his second wife, Margaret Reed (perhaps a widow?), prior to this date).
  • Page 234.--19th May, 1770. Martin Judy (Juddy, Juda) and Rosanna to Henry Judey (Juda), their son, £20, 204 acres on North Mill Creek, a branch of South Branch of Potowmack, part of 367 conveyed to Martin by William Green, Gent., 24th May, 1763. Teste: William Lamme. Delivered: Nicholas Judy, December, 1778.
  • Page 479.--9th August, 1770. John Madison and Agatha to John Denniston, £25, 200 acres on north side Shanando River patented to William Downs, 5th March, 1747, and by him conveyed to John Madison, 18th February, 1758, mouth of Stover's Mill Creek; corner William Lamb and Robert Shanklin. Delivered: John Denniston, 3d August, 1772.
  • Page 149.- (undated, appears to be bet. 19-23 August 1773) -A memorandum of an agreement between David Laird, merchant of Augusta, and Henry Mace, blacksmith, formerly servant to said Laird, witnesseth: David has discharged Henry from remainder of his term on condition that Henry shall work under Laird's direction for country customers so as to work out £100 above his board. Henry is to find himself in coals off Laird's land. Teste: John Poage. William Lame.
  • Page 2.--11th October, 1773. Joseph Cravens to John Cravens, on Cook's Creek, part of tract patented to Robert Cravens, 10th September, 1755. Teste: William Lamm, Daniel Guin, Michael Mullan. (This deed is again recorded infra, p. 180, of date, 15th March, 1774.)
  • Page 182.--11th October, 1773.Joseph Cravens to John Cravens, Patented to Robert Cravens, 10th September, 1755, on Cook's Creek. Teste: William Lamme, Daniel Guin, Michael Mullen.
  • Vol. 2 - JUDGMENTS. - SEPTEMBER, 1790 (H to Z). - Michael Mullan, William Lamme, Francis Stewart vs. Benjamin Harrison and Andrew Shanklin--Appeal from Rockingham, 1789. Suit began 1786.
  • Vol. 1 - JULY, AUGUST, NOVEMBER, 1792. - Lewis Myers vs. Peter Lamb.--Witness, William Lamb, 14th December, 1791. Writ, 22d June, 1792.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1793 (M to Z). - Miller vs. William Lamb.--Defendant no inhabitant, 1792-3. (Note: William Lamme had apparently removed to Kentucky prior to this date).
  • Vol. 2 - RECORD BOOKS IN CIRCUIT COURT OFFICE. - BOOK MARKED "RECORDS." - Recorded in Rockingham, 1796. Deed, 26th September, 1808, by James Lamme and Elizabeth to Wm. Lamme, 90 acres, partly in Augusta and partly in Rockingham, at mouth of Middle River; 40 acres is part of 363 acres conveyed by Wm. Lamme, Sr., to said James and Samuel Lamme, 17th November, 1773;
  • Vol. 2 - Page 114--Thomas Hannah's heirs vs. Henry V. Bingham--John Shiflet deposes, 1815, the ford on South River was called Thompson's Ford 50 years ago. Jacob Scott deposes, at his home in Rockingham, he is 70 years old. When he was 20 years old he recalls that his half-brother lived then in a cabin on land now owned by Jno. Mohler on South River, near a cave then called Hannah's Cave, since known as Madison's Cave; present saltpeter works on the land; Mathias Amond lived near the ford; James Lamb and his son, James Lamb. The cave was also called Weyer's or Amond's Cave. Alexr. Hannah deposes, in Augusta, 1814, is 70 years of age; he was 14 years old when his father moved to the plantation where heirs of Thos. Hannah now live; Alexr. was son of Joseph; the Hannah's got Ocher out of the Cave; there was a schoolhouse near the mouth of the cave. Patent, 30th July, 1742, to Alexr. Thompson, 400 acres on South River above the Red Banks. Deed, 9th February, 1745, Thompson to Alexr. Downs of Orange, 300 acres part of above 400 acres. Deed, 18th February, 1746. Thompson to Wm. Beard, tract called Cave Bottom, 100 acres. Deed, 15th July, 1753, by Beard to Robert Frazer, conveys above. Deed, Henry Downs to Joseph Hannah, 5th October, 1758, 300 acres. Deed, 3dJuly, 1771, by Robert Frazier to Benj. Yearby (Yearly), 100 acres. Patent, 20th July, 1787, to Benj. Yearby (Yearly), 454 acres on South River, opposite Benjamin's other land. Deed, 21st October, 1788, by Benj Yearby to Mathias Amond, 1,180 acres on South River. Recorded in Rockingham. Will of Joseph Hannah, 27th July, 1789, of Rockingham. Sons, Thomas, Alexr., Joseph, David; daughters, Rosana, Mary Boon, Jane Olden; wife, Anna. Recorded in Rockingham, 28th September, 1789. Deed, 22d February, 1796, by Rosana Ocheltree to Mathias Amond, 10-1/4 acres in Rockingham on South River. Recorded in Rockingham, 1796. Deed, 26th September, 1808, by James Lamme and Elizabeth to Wm. Lamme, 90 acres, partly in Augusta and partly in Rockingham, at mouth of Middle River; 40 acres is part of 363 acres conveyed by Wm. Lamme, Sr., to said James and Samuel Lamme, 17th November, 1773; 50 acres were conveyed by Chas. Fox and Rosana to said James, 26th April, 1802. Wife, Magdaline; sons, William, Thomas, Joseph, John; daughters, Magdaline, Caty, Margaret, Mefford, Mary. Dated 6th December, 1808. Recorded in Rockingham. Deed, 9th December, 1809, Mathias Amond of Rockingham to Henry V. Bingham, 1,180 acres on South River. Recorded in Rockingham. Deed, 9th December, 1809, by same to same, 10-1/4 acres in Rockingham. Recorded in Rockingham.

Information on William Lamme

From post:

Re: william lamme from Ireland Posted by: David Lamme (ID *****6328) Date: July 16, 2009 at 20:26:27 In Reply to: william lamme from Ireland by Brad Staggs of 89

This is what I know about William and his children: William Lamme immigrated to the colony of Virginia from the north of Ireland in 1730. Little is known of the family up to this time. They are supposed to be Huguenots driven from France by the persecutions of the country in the 16th century. They moved first from France to Holland, then to Scotland and Ireland. William Lamme settled in Augusta County, Staunton, Virginia. He married twice. He and his first wife, Anna, purchased a farm of 230 acres located at the mouth of Stover Creek on the north side of the south branch of the Shenandoah River. It was deed to William Lamme on Feb 28, 1749 by George Anderson of Orange County, Virginia. William Lamme moved to Marmon County, Kentucky in 1795 and died there in 1800. Children by his first marriage were: Samuel; married Nancy Agnes Steele, James; married Elizabeth Guivens (1775), William, Nathan, David, a daughter who married Mr. Baird, a daughter who married Mr. Laird and a daughter who married Mr. Loftus. Children by the second marriage were Jesse and Jonathon.

The families were loyal to the colonies and sided against Great Britain in the struggle for independence. James, born in Augusta County, Virginia in 1745, enlisted in 1776 and served as a sergeant in Captain David Stephenson's Coompany of Colonel Abraham Rowans 8th Virginia Regiment until 1778.

Samuel is thought to be the revolutionary soldier, Samuel Lamme of Augusta County, Virginia, who was in the battle of Coopers and Kings Mountain. He married Nancy Agnes Steele and later settled in Cynthiana, Kentucky, where descendants still live. Near Cynthiana, there was once an old flour mill which was known as the Lamme Mill. It is not known if this landmark still remains.

James Lamme was born November 26, 1745. He married Elizabeth Givens in 1775 and moved to Ohio, between Dayton and Springfield in 1806 and died there Nov 26, 1815. He is buried in an old graveyard on the farm in Clarke County, Ohio.

Three of the sons, Nathan, William and David Lamme, settled in the country between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio as early as 1784 where it is said, many descendants are still living.

Nathan Lamme was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was made Captain December 31, 1777 and transferred to the 39th Virginia Regiment and served to the close of the war. He died January 15, 1834. He was the father of Wilson Lamme.

Wilson Lamme had four sons: William, James McGrew, David and Charles; and four daughters: Mary Louise Holcomb, Caroline Lamme White, Elizabeth Lamme and Jane Lamme

I hope this helps you. It came from work done by Vonna Lamme Brown, who was born in La Veta, Colorado on July 7, 1916, and died in Charlottesville, Virgina on August 10, 1998.