Person:William Killingsworth (9)

William Killingsworth, III
b.Abt 1710
m. Abt 1710
  1. William Killingsworth, IIIAbt 1710 - 1762
  2. Sarah KillingsworthAbt 1711 -
  3. Elizabeth KillingsworthAbt 1711 -
  4. Edward KillingsworthAbt 1715 -
  5. Levi KillingsworthAbt 1716 -
  6. Richard Killingsworth1717 -
  7. Nicholas KillingsworthAbt 1724 - 1788
  8. John Thomas KillingsworthAbt 1740 - 1815
  • HWilliam Killingsworth, IIIAbt 1710 - 1762
  • WSarah Holmes - 1759
m. 1737
  1. Amy Killingsworth
  2. Sarah Killingsworth
  3. William Killingsworth, IVAbt 1738 - 1762
  4. John Thomas KillingsworthAbt 1740 - 1815
  5. Jesse KillingsworthAbt 1742 -
  6. Jacob Killingsworth1745 - 1798
  7. Martha KillingsworthAbt 1753 -
Facts and Events
Name William Killingsworth, III
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1710
Marriage 1737 to Sarah Holmes
Will[1][2] 7 Jul 1760
Death? 14 Jun 1762 Charleston, South Carolina

WILLIAM KILLINGSWORTH III was born about 1710.

William married SARAH HOLMES in 1737.

William moved to Guilford, North Carolina from Edgecomb, North Carolina sometime in the mid 1700's. Thus, some of their children could have been born in Edgecomb, and the rest in Guilford, or for that matter, they could have all been born in Edgecomb and moved with their parents.

The first counties (or divisions) of South Carolina that extended from coast to mountains and in to South Carolina was for a long time in dispute. The old Welsh (or Welch) Neck Church on the PeeDee River, not far from the North Carolina line, left records of its early members. Among these were William Killingsworth, who died in November 1760, and Sarah Killingsworth, who died on December 14, 1759.

In Craven County, a grant of 300 acres is probably this William Killingsworth. This William and his brother John were from North Carolina and granted land in South Carolina, since that (Eastover) section was at one time thought to be North Carolina. William, father of this William, mentioned land in Welsh (or Welch) Neck in his will.

In book, Colonial Soldiers of the South, by Murtie June Clark, William Killingsworth was listed as a soldier, along with Thomas Green (ensign), Christopher Smith (soldier), David Rozer, and William Smith, in Ambrous Joshua Smith's company of Edgecombe County, North Carolina. thought to be in the 1750's

William died on June 14, 1762 in Charleston, South Carolina.

  1. South Carolina Will Book 1760 - 1767
    Page 197.
  2. I, William Killingsworth Senr. of the County of Berkly in Amelia Township being in good health of body & of sound & perfect memory.. I give to my beloved son William Killingsworth all my land lying and being on the Great Peedee River and all my other effects that I left behind there in the Welch Tract in Craven County to Him and his heirs. I will and desire that William Killingsworth do pay all my just debts and demands without exception. I give to my beloved granddaughter Mary Killingsworth after her fathers decease one negro girl named Ginney only lending her & her heirs to my son William his life time. I give to my granddaughter Prisscilla Killingsworth one negro girl named Judah after her death lending her to my son in his lifetime. I give unto my son William Killingsworth during his natural one negro woman named Dinah after his decease to be the sold property of my well beloved grandson Jacob Killingsworth. I lend to my son William Killingsworth the work of three negroes known as Jack, Mark, and Primas until the year 1762 and afterwards the work of one named Primas until 1765 and at the expiration of said time I give to my well beloved son John Killingsworth the above three negros. I give to Hannah Dudly for good cause best known to myself one new feather bed with strip tick. My will is and desire & I hereby strickly order that all my feather beds, furniture except those above mentioned with my stock of horses, mares, cattle with the pewter and other household furniture I give to my sons William and John Killingsworth my sole executors.

    7 July 1760 Wit.. Sarah Hodg, Samuel Jordan, David S Hodg

    Signed William (his mark) Killingsworth

    No probate date given.

    (George Dudley was a near neighbor of William Killingsworth. We can only speculate as to why he gave Hannah a new bed.)