Person:William Jameson (8)

William Jameson, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
d.3 January 1797
m. 28 MAR 1722
  1. John Jameson, of Beverley Manor1722/23 - 1776
  2. William Jameson, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1722/23 - 1797
  3. Andrew Jameson1724-1735 -
  4. Katherine Jamesonest 1725-1730 - 1796
  5. George Jamesonabt 1732 - 1799
  • HWilliam Jameson, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1722/23 - 1797
  • WRachel McClearyest 1740 -
m. abt. 1758
  1. Phoebe Jameson1782 - 1857
Facts and Events
Name William Jameson, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 20 MAR 1722/23 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marriage abt. 1758 to Rachel McCleary
Death? 3 January 1797

William Jameson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisitions in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 149-152. Indenture __ day ___, 1745 between James Patton and John Lewis, of Augusta County and William Jameson of same.. for five shillings.. sells 170 acres in Augusta County.. lying on both sides of the Great River of the Calf Pasture and bounded.. corner to the heirs of the late Alexr. Dunlap... (signed) James Patton [Seal], John Lewis [Seal]. Witnesses: Jas. Carter, Robt. Crockett, Robt. (B) Bratton. Paid £6.05.3½.. acknowledged. Recorded Orange County 25 July 1745. [Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 43].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's

  • William Jameson acquired 80 acres in the Calfpasture, on the East side of the Great River in Augusta County, VA.
  • William Jameson acquired 170 acres in the Calfpasture in Augusta County, VA. (Note: this is the same 170-acre tract referred to in the Orange County Deed Book 10, listed above).

Records of William Jameson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 322.--20th May, 1767. James Loghridge, of Long Cove Settlement in Granville County in South Carolina, by John Poage, attorney in fact. to John Dickenson, £50, 168 acres on Calf Pasture River, corner William Jameson's land, crossing Davis's Mill Creek, Dunlap's line.
  • Page 68 - Alexander Dunlap, 90 acres, Calfpasture River. Adjoining William Jamason. June 6, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 26].
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