Person:William Hill (38)

William C. Hill
d.11 Nov 1881 Heard County, Georgia
m. Abt 1795
  1. _____ Hill1796 -
  2. _____ Hill1797 -
  3. Winifred Hill1798 - Bef 1880
  4. _____ HillAbt 1799 -
  5. William C. Hill1800 - 1881
  6. Mary HillAbt 1802 - Aft 1860
  7. Elizabeth Hill1808 - 1891
  8. Isariah HillAbt 1809 - 1881
  9. Ivy Hill1810 - 1886
  10. John Anderson HillAbt 1812 - 1864
  11. Martin Hill1819 - 1891
m. 30 Jan 1825
Facts and Events
Name William C. Hill
Gender Male
Birth? 22 Jun 1800 Surry County, North Carolina
Marriage 30 Jan 1825 , Jasper, Georgiato Mary Daniel Kirk
Census[1][4] 1850 Heard County, Georgia
Census[2][3][5] 14 Aug 1860 Heard County, Georgia
Death? 11 Nov 1881 Heard County, Georgia
Ancestral File Number FT5V-PV The Christian IndexSince 1822, The Columbian Star/The Christian Index has been in constant publication, making it the oldest continuing denominational publication in the United States. This weekly Baptist newspaper publishes news related to Baptist work on the local, state, national, and international levels, including biographical, church, association, institutional, and Convention information. In early years, it included a significant amount of news from non-Convention Georgia Baptists, as well as many advertisements (even for the cure of cancer!) and much secular news.A number of unpublished card indexes have been developed, documenting dates, pages, and column numbers of articles and pictures related to individual churches, associations, and persons. The period of the nineteenth century has received the most complete coverage; however, some of the indexing was done into the early 1980s. Three published indexes cover obituaries (1822-1879, 1880-1899) and marriages (1828-1855). Unpublished print indexes cover marriage notices from 1855 to 1916, when the Index ceased to publish these notices, as well as ordinations, retirements, and obituaries published from 1900 to the late 1980s.

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  4. He lived with his wife, Mary, and seven children in the 41st district of the county. He was a farmer. His land was worth $1200. He was born in South Carolina. The population of the county was 6,923 of which 35% were slaves
  5. He lives on a farm with his wife, Mary, and four children. He is 58 years old and was born in North Carolina. His land is valued at $2,000 while his personal property is valued at $3600. He lives on 200 acres of land of which 90 acres are improved. He has on the farm, two horses, two mules, four milk cows, and thirty swine. His livestock is valued at $545. For the twelve months prior to the census he farmed 250 bushels of indian corn, 16 bales of ginned cotton (400 lbs each), 100 pounds of sweet potatoes, 50 pounds of honey.