Person:William Hawkins (34)

m. 1642
  1. Edward HawkinsAbt 1639 - Bef 1726
  2. John HawkinsBet 1642 & 1643 - Bet 1725 & 1726
  3. William HawkinsBet 1645 & 1647 - 1723
  4. Madeleine HawkinsAbt 1645 -
  5. Madeline HawkinsAbt 1647 - Aft 1682
  6. Mary Hawkins1649 - 1724
  7. Edward Hawkins1660 - 1726
  • HWilliam HawkinsBet 1645 & 1647 - 1723
  • WLydia BallouAbt 1640 - Bef 1721/22
m. 14 Jun 1678
  1. Stephen HawkinsBet 1679 & 1680 - 1710/11
  2. Sarah HawkinsBet 1679 & 1681 - Bet 1722 & 1740
  3. William HawkinsAbt 1679 - 1712
  4. John HawkinsBet 1683 & 1688 - 1755
Facts and Events
Name William Hawkins
Gender Male
Birth? Bet 1645 and 1647 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Alt Birth? 25 Apr 1647 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Marriage 14 Jun 1678 Providence, Providence County, Rhode Islandto Lydia Ballou
Occupation? Bet 1678 and 1706 Deputy Providence RI 1678, 1703, 1705, 1706|Deputy Providence RI 1678, 1703, 1705, 1706
Will[2] 17 Mar 1721/22 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Occupation? Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesFarmer
Death[1] 6 Jul 1723 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States


From The Early Records of the Town of Providence, at 304:

I William Hawkings of Providence in the Colony of Rhoad 
Island and Providence Plantations Jn new England, yeoman, 
being now Grown antiant and well stricken in years Calling 
to mind the mortallityof my body: doe make this my Last Will 
and Testament: Jn manner and forme following first and 
principally: I Commit my spirit Jnto the marcyfull hands of 
Almighty God my Creator : and my body I Commit to the 
Earth to be decently buried and as to what Lands and Tenements 
I have now Left undissposed of: I Give and bequeathe 
as followeth

Imprimis : I Give and bequeathe unto my two Grandsons : 
sons | the sons | of my son William Hawkings, deceased : namely 
Elijah Hawkings and Joseph Hawkings all the Remaineing parte of my homestead farme which I have not before my deede dissposed of : the which is scituate Lieing and being in Providence afore said and adjoyneing on the northward side of the fresh River Called the West River : that is to say the Lands 
with the two Dwelling houseing barne orchard fenceing and 
Improvements there on with the previledges and appurtinanses 
there unto belonging

To Have and To Hold the said Lands and tenements afore said unto them my afore said two Grandsons Elijah Hawkings and Joseph Hawkings Equally to be devided betwixt them : and to be unto them there Heirs and assigns for Ever : and also I Give and bequeathe unto them my afore said two Grandsons : one third parte of a Right in the Commons on the Eastward side of the seaven mile Line in sd Providence and all the Rest of my Land in Providence afore said that I have not before dissposed of to be Equally devided as afore said : and : to be unto them theire Heirs and assigns for Ever

But in Case my said two Grandsons Cannot agree in : Devideing said Lands and Tennements : Then my Will is : that 
the Town Councill of said Providence that then is shall make pertision Pertision betwixt them of said Lands and 
tennements : which pertision shall be binding: And further my will is that if Either of my said two Grandsons shall dye without Lawfull Jssue : then his surviveing brother shall Jnherrit his parte : after the same tenner as above Exprest : That is to say Jf Either of them shall dye before he attaine to 
the age of twenty one years without Lawfull Jssue : or after wards and Leave his said Land undissposed of : then his 
surviveing brother shall Jnherit his parte as afore said : Jn wit-ness where of I doe here unto sett my hand and scale this seaventeenth day of march : Jn the eighth yeare of his Majestyes Reign George King of Create Brittan &c : Anno Domini one thousand seaven hundred and twenty one or twenty two

memorandum before signeing and sealeing That I had before Given my Children such a portion as I thought Conveniant Excepting my son William: and this Esstate I have Given to my aforenamed Grandsons Js that which I 
Jntended for there father my son William Hawkings, deceased 

The marke X of

William Hawkings L. S. 

Signed sealled pronounced and declared Jn the presence of us

Richard Waterman Jonathan Whipple Nathan Waterman

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    HAWKINS William (*2-148), July 6, 1723. Providence

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